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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:31

She pushed up to meet her hips with his and Alain’s breath sharpened. He began to move slow and steady till he was fully inside her. Her walls throbbed and squeezed on him and soon his pace grew faster, rougher. Alain didn’t use a condom, but Maya knew he was aware she was on the pill. All they had to focus on was the pleasure, and it felt incredible. The sensation of hard and smooth, rough and tender gave the perfect synchromesh where their passion revolved at the same speed, shifting like the smoothest of gears.

Maya didn’t know what to say when their first release shattered through them simultaneously. Then Alain landed atop her, seeming reluctant to remove his erection from inside her. He finally slid off her and Maya just stared into space like one in a daze. How could sex feel like that? So raw and yet so dazzling? Her walls still thrummed from being so perfectly fused round Alain’s thickness. He’d stretched her and filled her until she lost each memory of any lover she’d ever had. A sense of satiation rocked her system and she turned on her side, her back to Alain. She had to figure out what the hell just happened to her mind and body and how she could piece herself back together. Was this how it felt when you loved someone with your whole soul, that just a physical act of fulfilled desire made it feel you were reborn?

Alain was in just as much turmoil. He’d gone to grab a beer which he gulped as he worked out what the fuck he’d gotten himself into. How had he not seen this coming? He’d held himself in check all this time, half-wary of taking things too fast and then, having his interest wan once the prize was sampled. Yet just now as he’d cum inside her, he’d been so close to echoing Maya’s emotional declaration of just an hour earlier. When she’d told him she loved him.

He’d felt like a king and a bastard at the same time. Yet when the time came to claim her beautiful, smooth-skinned and curvy body as his, he’d thought of nothing else but her scent, her softness, and her submission. In giving all of herself so uninhibitedly, she’d drawn Alain even further within her spell till he was submerged within her essences.

Now he was sure, he could never have enough.

Alain walked back over to the couch and noticed that Maya had fallen asleep. He let out a deep breath. After bedding a woman he always made sure to be gone, because even the most ‘liberated’ types assumed he could be tied down just within a pair of sexy, sizzling thighs. Yet Maya was the first he could picture himself with the morning after, and the morning after that.

He glanced at her derriere and felt himself go hard again. She had all the right curves and then some extra, and damn he wanted her again. He slid unto the couch beside her and pulled her close against him. He kissed her shoulders and then her neck. He grabbed one of her breasts and began to fondle and rub. Maya let out a moan, her lush hips rocking against his ramrod stem embedded against her ass. He slid his hand from her breast to her stomach and then down to slip his finger deep into her slit. As always she was ready for him.

Then Maya surprised him. She turned to face him and then pushed him on his back, before getting on top of him. Alain entered inside of her and it felt even more like heaven as she moved back and forth on him. He seized her juicy breasts and tweaked her nipples, watching her luscious body sway while his ivory member slid in and out of her cocoa folds. It felt too good, it had his head spinning. She moved her hips faster and faster, her walls like silk tightly wound around him. He had to take back control or he’d spill too soon.

Alain flipped her over and slid out long enough to maneuver her on her hands and knees. Then he drove hard into her from behind and heard her cry out his name. She moaned and begged for more and more. Taking Maya from the back was just as mind-blowing and Alain didn’t think he’d even been this hard, or felt anything as exquisite as Maya wrapped tightly around him.

Just when he felt too close to the brink he pulled out again and lay her on her back once more, covering her with his body as he surged back deep inside her. Maya gasped and roved her hands down his spine to his ass. Her fingers kneaded into his toned flesh along with her heels urging him faster, deeper.

Alain couldn’t remember the last time he’d been into vanilla sex. With other women he’d never really welcomed the intimacy of making love and felt more comfortable within the walls of a kinky, BDSM liaison with all the accompanying boundaries. Maya gave him a whole new perspective, where he could always have it both ways. It simply blew him away.

Brushing his lips against hers, he thrust and thrust and felt ready to lose himself in an endless foray of Maya. Sensing the changes in her body as her constricting walls pulsed and gushed in readiness to orgasm, Alain groaned and pulled back from her lips.