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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:32

“The baby feels right to me too. This is what I want for my future, as well. That’s all I can say.”

“That’s all I need to know.” For now, Maya added to herself.

Seeing something in her eyes, he moved closer, took her hand and tugged her the rest of the way into the cache of his arms. It had been so long…and she was feeling extra vulnerable tonight. Getting to see her beautiful baby boy for the first time, and learning that he was fully formed and healthy, gave her life more richness than it had ever known. Even just breathing felt like the utmost treasure, and Alain’s nearness, his touch…felt just as precious.

Maya knew she was a fool, but she couldn’t stop the way she felt about him. He kissed her lips and the world became picture perfect. He’d never made her any promises, and just with his smile did he manage to spin his wizardry that had her melting into his charms.

She could tell herself it was just sex, and she was just using Alain’s body for the pleasure she craved. Or she could admit that she was ready to settle for whatever he had to offer, even if it wasn’t lasting, or secure. If it had to be for just here and now, then I’ll have to live with that, Maya told herself, as she stepped into her bedroom while leading Alain in with her hand in his.

The door closed behind them in the dimly lit bedroom and that’s when Maya relinquished control, and Alain took over. As willingly as ever, she gave herself up to his guiding touch and wishes. Such as when he told her to strip, slowly, and then had her stand there naked and quivering while he perused her blooming form with blazing eyes. Her breasts were fuller and her nipples thicker, and though her waistline remained trim there was definitely evidence of the baby bump as Alain rested his hand there along with hers.

“I’m going to take care of you. Both of you,” he said huskily, and when he looked up, Maya held his gaze with bated breath. Could he really be making a commitment right now? Maya almost didn’t dare hope.

Just dwell in the moment, Maya thought to herself. She watched breathlessly as Alain too, undressed with deliberate slowness. She drank in his masculine beauty as he walked over to her, never taking his gaze off her. Shivers chilled up and down her body and she moved back, until she bumped into the dresser behind her.

His hands on both sides of her head, he leaned closer and brought his lips closer to hers then stopped. Feeling his warm breath on her lips, and his gaze burning unto her skin, drove Maya’s hormones up the wall. She was going weak at the knees, wishing she could lean further back but instead, found herself drawing in and closing the space between them.

Hmm, his lips were soft and tasted like cherry wine. Gasping, Maya drew back instantly as heat shot down her stomach to her inner thighs. This time, Alain chuckled and seized her mouth again, crushing her lips with his and exploring the inside of her mouth hungrily. Maya gasped and arched against him, just as he shifted from her lips to kiss down her neck to her breast. Taking one full into his mouth, he sucked it deeply and brought tingles of bliss throughout her nerve cells.

“Alain. Oh God,” she gasped, throwing her head back and shuddering. While she gripped harder at the edges of the dresser for support, Alain sank on his knees and buried his face within the apex of her thighs.

“No, please don’t,” Maya moaned, as he lapped at her sex, his lips plucking on her folds.

“You need this,” rasped Alain. “And so do I. You are mine, Maya,” he murmured across her moistened slit. He deeply inhaled her scent and groaned, before lightly nipping on her clitoris. Maya bucked and buried a fist in his hair, grabbing tight. His tongue inside her felt good, and his lips teasing her clit made her see bright stars behind her closed lids.

She was so close, and the knot inside her was so tight, getting tighter…but then it stopped. Maya’s eyes dragged open and she stared down as Alain grinned, those devilish blue eyes glinting. “You don’t get to finish yet, beautiful. There’s more.”

Holy fuck. Maya wasn’t sure how much more she could take. When Alain guided her atop him on the bed, she was confused for a moment as she was positioned to face him reverse cowgirl style. But then, he urged her up to virtually straddle his face and suddenly, it sank in what he wanted.

Maya went hot all over, as she felt Alain bury his tongue inside her slit. As she bucked with pleasure on top of his face, her hands reached for his rigid member which stood straight up from his groin. He seemed like a baton in her eager palms, so big and hard and pulsing with a life of its own. Without thinking, she leaned forward till she was horizontal over Alain’s torso, and slowly engulfed his shaft into her mouth.