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Pulling her silly head out from the clouds, Maya focused on her task, as he followed her to the far side of the store. He indicated a shirt and Maya immediately reached for it, but then he’d also moved at the same time to get it and that was when his muscled arm brushed against her chest.

Maya quelled a gasp at the accidental touch – well, she hoped it was accidental. Or did she? Because for some reason her nipples were going crazy, the tips hardening to aching points beneath her bra. Quickly, Maya grabbed the shirt as the man beside her drew back politely. Ever the professional, Maya then pointed out another apparel and went on like nothing had happened.

But then when he had to move behind her as they exited the somewhat small aisle holding the shirts, Maya stumbled slightly. His strong hands fell on her waist to steady her and somehow, her body was pulled back against him as she tried for balance. Maya became instantly aware of his masculine energy and solid power from behind her, and it made her knees feel weak.

“Oh! Um…” She felt breathless, turned on and just stupid. She looked over her shoulder and into his deep blue eyes, and almost lost it. What the hell was happening? Out of nowhere came all this physical tension where the air around them seemed to crackle and thrum. The liquid heat between her legs seemed to spread to embarrassing proportions, and Maya told herself she was glad when his hands fell away and she could put a little distance between them. The last thing she wanted, was him to catch the scent of her desire.

“Would you…why don’t we go back to the dressing room and you can try these on,” Maya suggested, her voice sounding a trifle squeaky. She walked briskly ahead not waiting for an answer, holding the shirts over her chest as if like armor. They returned to the large dressing room with the full length mirrors, leather sofas and the rich scent of luxury colognes blending in the air along with the music from the record player. Never would Maya have considered the whole environment in any way suggestive, until now.

She could still feel the imprint of his fingers on her waist, and the sure touch of his hands had her thinking he must work with them a lot – which put paid to the desk job idea. Maya felt she should be a little more affronted by the forward touch…until she recalled that much earlier, she’d been somewhat forward herself.

Not long before, she’d taken off his jacket for him to try on one of the suits, and she’d run her hands over his shoulders to give herself an idea of the fit he liked in his shirt. She’d felt his muscles flex as she’d then moved her hands over his back and down his arms. She didn’t think anything of it at first, but she did remember feeling a bit excited to discover he definitely was packing more muscle than she might have imagined. Maya blushed thinking maybe she’d given him the wrong idea and in turn, instigated this charged atmosphere of awareness. She hated the thought that she may have come across provocative.

She definitely didn’t make a habit of doing that with her male customers.

Quickly, she exited the dressing room to give him privacy after ensuring he had everything he needed. Once outside the closed door, Maya leaned against the frame and let out a ragged breath. How long had it been since a handsome stranger had her all fluttered?

It might all have been nothing and she was just reading too much into it, so Maya decided to play it cool and collected. When he appeared minutes later, he told her which ones he wanted and Maya went to get them packed.

Maya soon handed him the bags, while concealing her reluctance to see him go – and sensing the same with him, as he lingered even after thanking her for her help and taking his purchases. Then to her surprise, he held out his hand and told her his name was Alain, and that he was in town for a month on vacation.

“Oh.” Maya slipped her hand into his, and felt the warm strength of his grasp for a moment before he released her. “I’m Maya.”

He nodded at the name tag she wore. “I know.” He smiled, the genuinely amiable gesture diffusing Maya with an inner warmth. “I’m not sure how inappropriate this is, Maya, but I’d like to take you out to dinner.”

Alain. What a gorgeous name for a gorgeous man, thought Maya. And I’m having dinner with him tonight.

It was just hours ago, at the men’s store where she worked, that he’d unexpectedly asked her out on a date. “I’d like to take you out to dinner.”

He’d seen her shocked look, and even as she’d tried to back away he held up a hand. “I’m sorry if I seem to forward. I guess I’m more used to being around cars than people.”

Maya’s eyes had sharpened at his words. “You work with cars?”