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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:32

Never had she tried the sixty-nine position with anyone and it seemed just right to share it with Alain. He was ravenous as he licked, sucked and teased her sex while thrusting intermittently inside her with his expert fingers. Aiming to give him as much pleasure as he gave her, Maya eagerly mouthed his turgid length, bathing him with her tongue and lips and then bobbing her widened mouth up and down his meaty stem till his hips bucked up to meet her in rhythm.

The perfect finish came, when in between their moans and groans, they finished inside each other’s mouths. Maya’s first taste of sperm, was Alain’s spearing her throat in ropes of thick cum. It tasted so good she was already eager to try this all again. At the same time, she could feel him lapping every drop of juice she squirted after her powerful orgasm, thanks to his unrelenting exploration of her dripping sex.

That was just the beginning, because the night was spent in every position imaginable, and with varying degrees of roughness and tenderness in the passion they shared. Maya let herself get lifted high by each star-bound climax, because she couldn’t tell if she’d wake up the next morning and her secretive lover would be gone again.

Maybe now that he knew he was going to be a father, Alain would find more and more reasons to stay, Maya thought hours later as she rested her head on his chest in slumber. His hand on her hair gently stroked her to sleep as their connected flesh slowing cooled and stilled. And Maya had never felt safer or happier. Could she really start to put hope in forever?

Alain didn’t say how long he’d be in town, and Maya didn’t want to pry. The last thing she wanted was to act clingy, or push him away. As long as he was around, she’d keep things simple. After all, he’d promised to return and here he was. She decided he’d open up to her when the time was right.

He was finally finished with refurbishing the 1965 Corvair Monza convertible, and Maya felt just as proud as Alain must feel that they’d completed the project successfully. He suggested they celebrate by taking it out on a spin, and Maya was all for it.

Just a day earlier, Maya took Alain to an awesome car graveyard she’d found, and Alain had picked out multiple cars he’d like to renovate and sell. Maya had felt a hidden excitement, telling herself this had to be a sign that Alain was ready to settle down.

For today, her smile was brighter and warmer, all because she was starting to believe in the future again. She had fun with Alain dreaming about what they would do with the cars, and also what their future looked like with the baby. They ended up heading outside the city in their newly renovated convertible, and had a picnic on the hill that reminded Maya of their first picnic on that private beach.

“Weeks ago, I started building a considerable list of vintage-auto owners in the locale. I plan to orchestrate their participation in several classic-car events,” Maya told Alain with a smile. She’d felt bad about snapping at him all those days ago when he’d asked her about her dreams. Now, she went on about how she planned on arranging cars to be shown at annual events and parades. She loved the idea of being an organizer, and was already reaching out to the town’s Chamber of Commerce to partake in the Fall festival with the vehicles she’d arrange for.

Alain looked suitably impressed. “You’re really dedicated. Some of these projects, you’ve taken to preparing for months in advance.”

“Maya, I have to leave Chicago in two days,” he said. At Maya’s look of dismay, he added, “But I’ll be back as soon as possible – at most a week after. I’ll always find a way to make time for you – and the baby.”

Maya expelled a deep breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “It would be terrible to feel abandoned again,” she half-joked, and saw the flash of pain that crossed Alain’s face, which he quickly masked. In the end, she was the one who seemed to do the reassuring, as she rested a hand on his arm.

“I’ll be fine. I promise not to get too overworked or tire myself out. I’ll be careful to always put the baby, and myself first before anything else.”

She cupped his face and kissed him sweetly, only to squeal when he suddenly swung her bridal-style into his arms. He carried her back to the convertible, stating that there was one way they hadn’t yet christened the like-new car.