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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:32

When Alain settled her to lie across the back seat and covered her body with his, Maya sighed and wrapped her arms around him eagerly. Desire coursed through her veins, and in moments they were immersed in each other. Passion turned the heat levels up to scorching, and her gasps filled the air with each thrust her lover speared within her eager sheathe. While facing the beautiful vista of the valley below, the convertible rocked slightly as the fervent lovers mated in a dance as old as time.

In his Paris office, Alain Montand perused the files provided by his head of security, and one of his closest friends, Robert Vidal. For months, ever since Alain had had to leave Chicago unexpectedly, he’d been keeping tabs on Maya to ensure she was okay. He felt faintly grubby – guilty even, for putting her under surveillance but he’d felt even guiltier about leaving her unexpectedly just after their first night together as lovers.

Since then, he always kept in the loop through information which Robert normally dropped his findings into Alain’s email inbox. Since Robert had other stuff to see to regarding the computer security of Alain’s company handled by Robert’s firm, Robert decided to hand in the info personally.

Now, Robert viewed his friend Alain with a considerate glance. “You’re killing yourself traveling back and forth to Chicago every other week. It’s just not working, is it?”

“I’ll admit, my business in Europe is suffering because of it,” Alain said on a short sigh. “Coupled with that, the cars are coming slowly in America. It’s all getting hectic.”

What Alain didn’t add, was the part that really affected him the most: the fact that Maya was becoming more and more pregnant – and as such, keeping the secret of who he really was, kept biting him.

“Well, Maya seems to be blossoming running the new renovation company. As you can see in the report, she’s really mastered being able to source original materials. Buyers and new projects are all lining up. That’s a good thing, surely?” Robert’s smile was slightly rueful. He knew much about the situation between Alain and Maya, and knew how much Alain was weighed down by all the secrets between them.

“Normally, it should be,” Alain replied, turning to view the scenery from his penthouse office window. “But I feel sick, that Maya has built this whole new life based on a lie I told her.”

“What lie? You just weren’t as open as you should be about your financial status. In the end, she’ll understand why you did it,” reasoned Robert.

“Will she?” Alain sighed again and pushed a hand through his hair. In the beginning, it had all seemed so simple. For a long time, Alain had become sick of the stuck up models, actresses and socialites he’d been with. All he’d wanted, was to meet a normal woman again – perhaps, one of those bread and butter types whose ambitions were to find a good man to marry and raise a few kids.

When you played all of the mind games that came with being wealthy and single, it wasn’t a surprise to long for simplicity. As such, Alain had chosen to pose as a normal guy on his vacation to Chicago, and hopefully find that everyday girl he was looking for. Then he met Maya.

The deeper he began to feel for Maya, the worse he felt. Still, he always held back from revealing his true identity. He never wanted to change that expression in her eyes when she looked at him. With the women in his past, he’d always wondered if all they saw was Alain Bernard the billionaire, or the man himself. There was no cause for such hang ups while he was with Maya.

He could have told her who he was from their first date, but he didn’t want her to like him for his money just like most of the women he’d been with. After he’d overcome the shock of finding out she was pregnant for him, he began to view the whole development as a happy chance. Alain was glad to have an heir, and he could picture a future with Maya. But when she found out he’d been lying to her from the start, would she picture a future with him?

Alain realized it was time to come clean. When he returned to Chicago in a few days, Maya expected them to go house hunting. She’d told him she hoped they could get a larger apartment if they could afford it. It was moments like those, that Alain felt the most like a total heel. The downside of his whole fa?ade, that as much as he wanted to shower Maya with all the finest things she deserved, he knew he couldn’t more so because she wouldn’t wish for them.

Still, he longed to give her the whole world all the same. She was worth it, if only she knew.

He’d just have to prove it to her - and Alain planned to do just that the next time they were together again. Soon, he’ll work things out so they – all three of them - would never have to be apart again.