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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:33

He’d always remember the first time they met.

Physically, Maya was perfect. Her figure was slim and shapely, and she wasn’t too petite or too tall – just the right height and with a gorgeous ass that made Alain wonder why he’d never been into some extra bit of junk in the trunk before. Well, now he was – just as he was now into mocha skin, highlighted with a natural golden glow that made him want to taste her all over.

Maya had a capable demeanor to go with her sweet personality and bright smile, yet beneath all her professionalism, Alain was man enough to sense her reaction to him. He felt that instant spark between them that he hadn’t felt with a woman in a long time.

And best of all, she had no clue who he really was.

Alain had sensed her innocence and genuine nature, but he had wondered if it would matter to her if he was the heir of an empire as well as a mogul in his own right. Would she jump at the chance of possibly becoming Mrs. Alain Bernard, her eyes filling with dollar signs just by looking at him, as did those other women he’d come in contact with?

It was almost ten months since that first time he’d met Maya in that men’s store. Alain knew he would have to tell her eventually about who he really was, but he had first needed to convince them both that this could be real without basing anything on status or personal assets. Whether Maya would relate with his viewpoint, was now what he was worried about.

After he must have told Maya the truth, Alain planned to take her to Paris to meet the family. He had the jet ready to fly them back to France once they picked out a new place in Chicago.

Alain had a smile on his face as he flicked through photos of Maya on his phone, some which she’d sent him. At seven months pregnant she’d never looked more beautiful, her weight gain healthy and her skin radiating. She’d make the sexiest new mom alive, thought Alain as he viewed her very evident baby bump displayed by the form-fitting dress she wore. How she could look so elegant even with how heavy she had become, was an awesome feat. Alain knew she’d look beautiful to him anytime, anywhere.

Alain put away his phone and laptop in preparation for landing the jet at the private strip. The flight would have been the best time to catch up on the business plans and progress reports on his patents, yet instead his thoughts kept going back to Maya. She’d called him yesterday to remind him to keep his promise about making it back today. As if Alain could stand being away another day, when he’d missed her and their unborn baby.

Little did Alain know, that things would come crashing down, and that it was already too late to set things right.

Maya had got a call from the topnotch real estate agent about meeting up to view some listings and Maya was all for it. This realtor took a long time to set appointments, so Maya decided not to wait for Alain and use this rare opportunity to check out the apartments herself. Thankfully, the agent truly knew Chicago and offered invaluable insight on the neighborhoods, up to the buildings and even the blocks.

When Maya did find the apartment she instantly fell in love with, the rest was an absolute breeze. What would have seemed a daunting task of inspections and contracts went by without Maya feeling overwhelmed since Alain wasn’t there.

Maya really loved the apartment she’d chosen, and was sure Alain would too. Not wanting to waste any more time, Maya quickly got the agent to run their numbers in readiness to close the deal. And that was when Maya got the shock of the century.

“I can’t imagine why you were worried. You both can easily afford to get this place,” the agent, Penny said with a smile. “Alain would certainly have no problem. He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?”

At the moment, Maya didn’t know who the hell he was. She was simply staring at the screen in front of her on Penny’s laptop which showed how much Alain was worth. Alain Bernard, to be exact. His name had never rang any alarm bells to Maya before, yet suddenly it seemed it carried more than its weight in money and power.

CEO and self-made billionaire, founder of a leading company in the European automotive industry. He’d put his extensive academic background in engineering, industrial design and business to good use and had started out holding various positions in many notable car firms before branching out on his own.

His company designed and manufactured nuts and bolts used for European race cars, while in his personal life, he remained an avid car enthusiast and enjoyed spending time at the rallies.

Maya was shocked to discover that Alain had earned numerous industry achievement awards and was considered a lynchpin of European motorsports. That, and the fact that he was a billionaire.

That last part had her reaching shakily for the nearest chair to settle into. Even Penny noticed her reaction. “You had no idea who he really was or how much he was worth?” The agent shook her head in amazement.