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“What you think it means,” Alain said deeply, in response to her shy query. “That I don’t want to spend another moment apart, and that I’m settling on making you mine for keeps. No more games, no hiding. I love you, Maya Sherwood. Will you marry me?”

That was a year ago. Not long after that, Maya had found out, through Alain’s admission, how he’d been able to know she’d be at her aunt’s property. Alain confessed how he’d been having her followed, and Maya had been shocked.

But then he’d explained, that because he’d had to be away so much, he never felt really at peace unless he knew she was doing okay. It was one of the hired detectives who’d informed Alain of Maya’s exact location. He’d rushed there just in time and found her unconscious before bringing her quickly to the hospital. Thankfully it had all turned out well in the end. Thusly, Maya didn’t really have the heart to stay mad at Alain for tailing her without her permission.

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And as to Alain’s marriage proposal…Maya’s answer had been, “Yes, with all my heart.”

Since then they’d moved to Europe, where Maya now ran a renovation garage. Alain enjoyed helping on his own time, but it was really Maya’s brainchild.

Now that their son Marcel Adrien Bernard was almost ten months old, Alain again proposed to Maya at their new home in front of the baby. Curly haired, blue-eyed Marcel giggled and clapped his tiny hands as he watched mamma and papa, Maya letting Alain twirl her high up in his arms as they went round and round, laughing happily. Of course, her answer again was yes. It was about time for a wedding, she told him.

It was tough picking where to go for their honeymoon. They’d never really taken a decent holiday together. It had to be somewhere extra special. Maya had always longed to visit Hawaii, but she wasn’t sure it would be Alain’s cup of tea.

To her delight, he thought it was a splendid idea.

Alain assumed she’d want something small and private for the wedding, but Maya seemed full of surprises. Once Marcel was born, Maya had decided she wasn’t going to keep to the shadows. Alain had sensed her unease with being introduced to his lifestyle, but apart from her initial diffidence she’d made sure that Alain continued to enjoy the limelight that his business and interests in car racing brought to the forefront.

Now that their son was older and needed less round the clock watch, Maya could delegate more time to the army of nannies, friends and relatives happy to give a hand with the baby while Maya introduced herself to Alain’s world of European high society.

Secure in Alain’s affections, she never felt like she had to compete with all the beautiful supermodels, actresses, heiresses and other females always swarming around Alain while in a social environment. Of course, Maya always aimed to look her best and always be someone Alain could be proud of. She maintained her looks and figure, and kept up with the finest trends in fashion. She frowned on any extravagance though, and was determined that through her business pursuits she was less of a liability to Alain and instead, more of a partner in so many ways.

Alain called this, their first real courtship and Maya tended to agree. They were together as a couple that held no secrets or masks between them, and each day brought new ways to learn and love. Their honeymoon, best of all, was a time for the fullest of bonding between them. It would be the most memorable few weeks of Maya’s life.

It almost felt like suddenly, they could now make time for romance. Since the beginning it had always been about starting her new business, having a baby and just making it through the challenges in her private and professional life. Now, it was all about love and passion and togetherness.

Like something out of a fairy tale picture book, the next few months passed in a dream. Maya and Alain planned a lavish wedding even royalty would envy, and invited friends from far and wide to the location wedding at a picturesque English castle.

The headlines told of billionaire Alain Bernard marrying his girlfriend of over a year and mother of his son, Maya Sherwood. The pictures all over the internet and glossy magazines showed a gorgeous brown-skinned bride in a breathtaking white lace designer wedding dress, while her incredibly handsome French groom, dressed in his impeccable Giorgio Armani suit, was by her side sharing vows, smiles and joys.

The details of the honeymoon though, were far more closed to the public. All that was known, was it was somewhere in the central Pacific, perhaps on an idyllic island of corals and volcanic peaks.

“If they guessed it was Hawaii, then they were spot on,” joked Maya, seated next to Alain in the private jet as they hovered over their destination.