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“Well, it would take them at least a few weeks before they find out for sure. Before that, best not to let anything leak out from friends or social media.”

“You know me. The mistress of discretion.”

Alain laughed at that, and Maya beamed at the sound. She couldn’t have enough of this Alain, with his unrestrained mirth and almost boyish appeal. Maya was sure their upcoming triad of sun, sea and sand on their small island, would create the happiest, most long-lasting memories that would keep them smiling for ages to come. Maya planned to take tons of pictures, all the more to treasure each blissful moment.

Maya was determined to try everything. Though she’d done some traveling since she’d moved to Europe with Alain, she’d never done much in way of adventure. In Hawaii there was certainly no shortage of activities and of course, romance.

How totally amazing it was, to pick a day to leave behind the hotels and spas, all the golf and tennis and instead, go on a drive south to Mount Halekala. There, they got to see the huge crater that could easily fit in the city of Manhattan, and simply enjoy the more laid back, undeveloped areas of the island. Maya already felt like she’d want to return to Hawaii for every holiday from now on.

What would always stand out for Maya though, was the very first night of their honeymoon after arriving at the breathtaking island Maui. They were afforded an incredible sunset view just off the beach where they attended a luau, a traditional Hawaiian party. On offer was some of the best food and drink Maya had ever tasted, while they enjoyed the lively show and music. Sharing this tropical nirvana with her dream man who was now her husband, made Maya almost want to pinch herself every five minutes.

“We absolutely should go dancing,” Maya said suddenly, and caught Alain’s slight smile.

“Really getting into the aloha spirit, aren’t we?” he teased.

“Aw come on, I know you like to dance. Remember that time in the rain? I’ll never forget those moves of yours. I think I fell wildly in love with you that night,” said Maya dreamily while giving a pleading pout.

“That was just the two of us. I’m not really that much of a hotshot when I have to do it in public, with other people.” Alain rubbed at his eyebrow, looking endearingly cautious. Maya couldn’t believe there was anything Alain wasn’t perfect at!

She let out a good-natured laugh, and filled up his wine glass. “It’s my honeymoon so I get everything I want, remember? You promised. So, maybe a few more glasses of wine to build up enthusiasm? Because when it comes to dancing, that’s all we really need.”

“Enthusiasm, huh? Okay, let’s do this.” Alain drank his wine in one gulp, sending Maya a glint-eyed look. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he added, but Maya could tell he was just as pleased as she was, at the thought of them dancing their feet off. They headed back to their hotel, known for its bubbly though somewhat cheesy nightly entertainment. When they arrived, the atmosphere felt like it had come alive in a vibrant kaleidoscope of lights and music. Maya decided there was no better way to work off all the food from the luau, and wasted no time tugging Alain inside the venue with her.

Sure enough, a music show was taking place and included Hawaiian dancing lessons on stage, which Maya totally insisted they partake of. Watching Alain try to go along with the gyrating dance steps made Maya giggle like crazy, till her stomach hurt.

The festivities slowed down as the hours drew late and soon, some romantic, slow music came on and Maya slipped readily into Alain’s waiting arms. They gazed at each other in the swirling lights of the dance floor, not bothering about anyone else and simply revolved in their own glittering universe.

That same feeling of being in a fantasy, lingered around them even when they finally headed up to their suite. Maya still wasn’t used to just how opulent and breathtaking it was, fit just for royalty. Alain had insisted on pulling out the stops and for once, she hadn’t objected. Tonight, the setting around them created the perfect mood for their first night together as a married couple.

Maya was so filled with happiness, she turned to Alain and took his hand in hers. He faced her and smiled as he met her steady, warm gaze.