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“When you look at me like that, I feel I could take on the whole world,” Alain said huskily. “I still can’t figure out how I got this lucky.”

He felt lucky? Maya shook her head and smiled, a faraway look in her eyes as she rested her head on his chest. “After we met, I couldn’t really say what it was about you. You just seemed to have this inscrutable character. Whenever I saw you, I brightened up immediately. All my worries seemed to disappear and I felt like all my problems could be resolved, just so long as I had you,” said Maya softly.

“It was the same for me,” Alain said, kissing the top of her head. “I had to stop myself from placing everything I possessed at your feet, just to make you happy. All the same, I knew none of my material wealth would impress you in the slightest, and that all you needed was to know I’ll always be there. It killed me that I had to hide a part of me away all the time.”

“I’m glad that phase is over,” she said with a relieved sigh as she lifted her head from his chest to look up at him. “I’m glad we’re building our future on trust, and love. It’ll make us strong enough to face challenges that come our way – whatever and whenever they might be.”

Her sweet, shy smile drew him in just like the very first time. Alain couldn’t stop from moving closer, slanting his head to the side as his mouth covered hers.

Maya gasped in excitement and he swallowed the sound, drawing in the taste of her. Maya’s fingers dug into his broad shoulders and she felt his arms circle below her knees as he stooped slightly, their lips still meshed. Then in one swift move he straightened and drew her up off her feet.

Alain gave Maya no chance to object as Alain carried her inside their bedroom, his heel kicking back to slam the door shut. Maya giggled against Alain’s lips, clinging to him as he didn’t set her down but went and set her back against the nearest wall. Their tongues tangled heatedly, while one of Maya’s legs hooked up around his waist. She felt his hardness against her moist center and she gave a throaty moan, feeling Alain drop his hands to cup her ass.

Even after a year, their desire for each other had only grown stronger and more intense, almost painfully so. Alain tore his mouth from hers and his lips felt like flames trailing down her cheek to her neck as he kissed her there. Her lush curves rubbed against him and every part of him grew taut with arousal and the strain of muscles as he held himself in check. Maya made him rock hard as ever and he wanted nothing more than to shove up her dress, slide her panties to the side and pound her into the wall with his raging pole.

Maya’s hips rocked again in her sexy temptress dance and Alain swallowed, willing the fog in his brain to settle as he lifted his head and met her equally hazy gaze.

“Everything okay?” Maya purred, her tiny white teeth biting sultrily into her swollen bottom lip. Alain groaned and shook his head.

“Hell yes. Was just thinking, I planned this whole romantic night with the candle-lit bedroom and the filled hot tub sprinkled with red rose petals. Yet here I am going crazy.”

Maya laughed in delight, the sound sending thrills of pleasure down Alain’s spine. He smiled and leaned close, but when she reached to meet his lips he edged away slightly. That had her groaning in frustration as again and again, she strained for his lips but he held back. He chuckled and closed his lips around her soft, scented ear lobe. Now that brought a shudder right through her, and he tightened his hold on her.

“I think I want to go crazy for the rest of the night,” Alain told her seriously, staring into her eyes. Maya sobered and licked on her parched lips, thinking how much she’d like that. She was fine with things being unscripted, aggressive and rugged, as if he couldn’t wait to have her. It made her feel so desirable, and fuelled her own feelings of arousal. Keeping their eyes locked, Alain bent his head and brushed his lips over hers. Once, twice, thrice, then suddenly Maya cupped his head in her hand and slammed her mouth hard against his.

Alain growled deep in his throat and went with it, in full approval of her taking charge of her needs. His thigh pushed in between her legs, feeling the soft heat of her core make contact with his bulging crotch. He thrust against her, and then again till her weak cry filtered through his nerve cells, making his chest tighten with love and need. Their burning desire for each other had always felt deep with meaning and substance, and that was what would keep the fires burning till their bones went to dust, far beyond when they turned old and grey.

Bringing his lips close to hers, he coaxed out her tongue in a lascivious, open-mouthed kiss that left them both breathless. He laughed darkly and called her his dirty girl, and she moaned in assent. “Yes, daddy. And you love it.”