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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:35

“That I do,” growled Alain, growing thicker just from the sound of Maya calling him ‘daddy’ in that breathless, sexy tone. When it came to role play, there was no saying how raunchy they could go. Because together, there were no limits, no escapades they wouldn’t try together at least once.

It was in moments like these, Maya shed her intrinsic shy side and gave in to the other Maya that was daring and carnal to the core. Slowly, she slid her legs down Alain’s body and balanced on her feet, only to push herself down on her knees and unbuckle Alain’s pants. She lowered them along with his boxers to the floor. As Alain palmed his huge erection, Maya shrugged off the top of her dress to expose her bra, making sure to free her swollen breasts for his inspection.

Opening her mouth wide, she took his tip inside her mouth, sucking and licking hungrily. She’d mastered the ability to take his entire length in her mouth, but it took a lot of dedicated, enthusiastic effort which Maya had in abundance. Alain groaned and propped one hand against the wall behind Maya, while the other one fisted her hair tightly. He watched through glazed eyes as Maya took him deep in her throat, gagging slightly. It took him all his strength not to spurt his seed down her gullet, the sight and sensation of her pleasuring him taking him to overdrive.

Maya stared up at his contorted face, eyes filled with as much desire as Alain’s. As if her mouth wasn’t teasing enough, she put her hands on her breasts and played with the full mounds and tight brown nipples, making herself wetter and Alain harder, as he pulsed in her esophagus.

She bobbed her head faster and faster, wishing she could push him past the realm of control and taste his cum splashing the back of her tongue. Yet, she knew what she wanted just as badly – his huge man meat splitting her dripping sex up to the hilt, till she became lightheaded and dizzy from the masterful invasion.

Alain began to use his fist in her hair to guide her back and forth on his shaft, giving her that thrilling sensation of choking he knew she loved. He never let things go overboard, and kept it all within their accepted rims of consensual and safe. Just as her vision grew dark from the overload of pleasure and oxygen denial, Alain pulled her off his pole-hard member with a rough groan.

Wasting no time, he settled back to lie on the floor and dragged Maya down to straddle his chest. He soon got her feeding him his favorite treat – her aching, moist and juicy sex on top of his face. Maya moaned and cried out as she rode his untiring tongue, lashing inside and outside her slit. His hands alternation between squeezing her ass and spanking it, as more and more she smothered his face between her thick brown thighs. Maya knew how much Alain loved it when she ground her ass on his face and rode her way through to a rampaging orgasm.

But Maya wasn’t about to be greedy and seize her release on her own. She slid her slippery thighs down his body and impaled herself on his monster of a pole, gasping out loud as he stretched her impossibly. How could it still feel like the first time? It would have taken moments of simply sitting there with him lodged up her vagina to the hilt, to get Maya in spasms of climax, but Alain wanted to take things a step further.

Switching positions, he now had Maya on her back as he kneeled between her legs and lifted them to rest her feet on his shoulder. He plowed into her again and felt her walls constrict and reverberated around his plunging staff. His eyes were fastened on her beautiful breasts which bounced with every angry thrust he gave. Damn, her body was even more beautiful and sexy than ever. Especially since having the baby. She’d grown more womanly and lush, and Alain couldn’t imagine not getting to burying himself inside her sexy heat every day for the rest of his life.

It wasn’t just about Maya’s incredibly beddable body, but everything else about her. The spicy sweetness of her scent, her delectable smile as she urged him deeper inside her, and the promise of everlasting love and passion in her beautiful brown eyes. Alain wouldn’t trade any of those for the whole world, especially to see the way her face glowed and her eyes grew luminous as she came, over and over.

Feeling her orgasm so powerfully it made his brain matter ignite, Alain rammed in several punishing thrusts as Maya screamed in intense pleasure-pain. She’d told him many times before, how much she enjoyed giving in to her masochistic side and how it made her orgasms more powerful when he wasn’t too gentle in these extreme moments of release. As ever, Alain took care to ensure the right balance, as he took them both higher and higher as if riding winged horses on thundering clouds. Even after a year of being together, Maya still felt the same overwhelming joy when Alain finished inside her, filling her with his warm essence. His body rested on hers and he nuzzled her breasts, while Maya wrapped her arms around his shoulders and tenderly combed through his damp hair. For now, the calm had settled and these precious moments were just as thrilling as those moments when they were locked in passionate throes. It had been a long day, and Maya soon heard Alain’s slowed breathing as he lay cushioned on her full, firm breasts. She smiled and thought to herself that something felt different tonight. Maybe, they’d made another baby?