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Secret Billionaire's Unplanned Baby Ciara Cole 2022/8/3 13:49:28

There was something so irresistible and sexy about that. Maya couldn’t help the way her heart pounded and her nerves tightened as she listened to him while watching him move around checking things over with the cars. At one point he had to show her something and she drew in close, almost leaning over him and then realizing, their faces were almost level and their lips just inches from each other.

She hadn’t noticed that Alain was still and silent till she looked up from the car’s interior and her mouth almost brushed his. Maya instinctively reared back and almost landed flat on her ass if Alain hadn’t caught her deftly. One thought instantly coursed through her bloodstream as she felt his arms around her. Strength. Goodness, he was so strong. His touch was powerful and his capable hands made her feel delicate and vulnerable, and so much like a woman.

He didn’t let go of her even after she’d found her balance. Not like her legs could really keep holding her up, considering how wobbly they’d become from being in this situation with Alain. It seemed fate was always throwing them into these circumstances of physical awareness, just like back in the store earlier in the day.

Maya could remember the fleeting fantasy she’d had even as she’d been leading Alain into the dressing room. It had full length mirrors and chaise lounges in rich leather – and most importantly, a lock on the door.

Once inside, Alain would have the door closed and locked, the clothes forgotten as he stepped forward. He would turn Maya to face the mirrors, and with him standing behind her he would reach round and cover her clothed breasts in his big hands.

He wouldn’t have to say a word, as he stroked the nipples with his fingertips until the nubs became evident beneath the silk. Maya would watch, breathless, as Alain gently kissed her neck while opening the buttons on her ultra-feminine blouse. Feeling him nibble sensuously on her flesh, Maya would throw her head back against his shoulder, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the pleasure of Alain’s enticement. But then that sexily accented voice would rasp in her ear, telling her to open her eyes and watch him.

With that. Maya would obediently peel her eyes open and watch Alain finish her blouse, and then scoop out her breasts to swell over the cups of her bra. He would grab her chin and turn her face to the side so he could catch up her mouth in a kiss, as his other hand squeezed her breast and teased her nipples in his thumb and forefinger.

The heat would intensify between Maya’s legs at being kissed and touched by Alain, the moisture starting to trail down her inner thighs. Alain would break off the kiss and work his way down her neck, Maya moaning all the while as he continued to fondle her breasts in both his fine looking hands, so manly and masterful. Their eyes would meet in the mirror, and she would answer his smile with hers, just as she answered his dominant touch with no other thought but surrender.

The memory of that steamy fantasy flashed in mere moments, but it had Maya recognizing that in this instance, she felt exactly the same now as then…felt the irrepressible urge to submit, to completely yield to Alain’s thrilling mastery.

His eyes swept over her face and neck, her skin dewy and glowing, her chest heaving beneath her dress. His arms tightened a fraction, and he drew in a slow, deep breath. “You know two things I can never get enough of?” he said huskily, those ice-blue eyes hooded. “The smell of gasoline – and the smell of an aroused, sexy female.”

“Alain, I…” Maya’s chest felt so choked with excitement she couldn’t form any more speech. Knowing that Alain could tell she desired him was both shaming and exhilarating.

He swooped in for a kiss, and Maya instinctively went still and experienced the first few moments of savory passion, there on Alain’s delicious lips. Stifling a moan, she drew back and turned her head.

“Whoa, Alain, didn’t you consider I just might have a boyfriend,” she protested while pulling out of his hold.

Alain looked around the garage. “He’s not here, is he?” He reached for her again and tugged her purposefully to pin her against him. “And you wouldn’t have shown up for dinner tonight – in that dress – if you had a boyfriend.”

Mixed in with the chagrin she felt that Alain could be so sure the said boyfriend didn’t exist, Maya felt a hidden excitement. He was right about dinner and the dress. The black, clinging silk with its lacy back and the cutout that revealed a diamond-shaped expanse of her spine, was definitely screaming ‘single and ready to mingle’ to the discerning male. There goes my plan to play it subtle, thought Maya wryly.

“I guess you possess keen powers of insight,” she murmured, while her heart pounded as her breasts became tightly pressed to his broad chest, “What other things are you so sure of?”