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“Well, for one, that I’m a damn good kisser,” Alain said. “And that deep down, you’re worried what one kiss with me would make you do.”

Maya huffed, just as she grew more breathless by how the distance between their lips grew smaller as he advanced. “Now that sounds like a challenge. What makes you think I’ll bite?” she asked.

“Because you’re just as curious as I am. About this.” He placed his hand on her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh through the soft fabric. His touch, his nearness seemed to make the air sizzle with awareness all around them. With her attention on the hand he now had trailing from her hip and up her waist, Maya was caught unawares when Alain planted a deep kiss on her lips.

Maya made a weak attempt to struggle but the blast of hormones catching fire within her, took over. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him back. It started off soft and clinging till Alain deepened the kiss, hungrily devouring her mouth as his hands moved over her body massaging her soft, firm flesh.

Alain hadn’t been joking – he was definitely a good kisser. Her body reacted to the touch of his lips and hands in the strangest way. Her heart was pounding, knees weakening, she felt him capture her plump lower lip and suck it into his mouth. It brought a soft whimper from Maya’s lips and Alain groaned thickly in his throat, pulling her in harder against his body. It was thanks to his firm grip on her that kept Maya from dissolving into a blissful puddle of goo.

Maya was already losing what little control she had left, her nipples throbbing painfully in arousal. She wanted him to take her hard, fast and deep – and all after one soft kiss. Was she crazy?

Sweet, long moments later they parted slowly and looked directly at each other.

“This isn’t right,” Maya said, while thinking, they’d only just met that day – and she barely knew that much about him. Yet how come his touch, his kiss made her want to throw caution to the winds?

“And that makes it twice more fun,” Alain responded, which caused Maya to giggle. However, she wasn’t laughing when Alain slowly yet commandingly began to back her up. He stopped only when Maya felt the solidness of the wall at her back, and then he seized her mouth in another famished kiss.

As their lips dueled hotly, he rubbed his hands over her body. Her breasts, her hips, her ass. He cupped the firm, generous globes and squeezed while letting out a deep, low growl of appreciation.

Maya was having trouble breathing. She couldn’t believe this was happening – her handsome foreign stranger was now passionately making out with her. He lifted her by the waist and carried her towards the nearest car and gently placed her down on the hood. Those knowing hands thoroughly inspected her quivering body, making their way beneath the neckline of her dress. Maya moaned with pleasure as Alain caressed her breasts over her bra. She didn’t even know when she made a grab for his head and pulled him in for a closer kiss. In the meantime, he’d tugged down the cup of her bra and freed her nipples which he gave light tweaks with his fingers. Maya gasped into his mouth, saying his name.

The sound of it on her lips seemed to make him even more enflamed. With a groan he shifted a hand beneath her skirt to press against the wet spot forming on her panties. Maya jumped at first but quickly adjusted to the sensation of Alain touching her lace-covered sex. Even as her head reeled, Alain bent to capture her nipple in his mouth, sucking the areole whole and making Maya moan all the more.

Maya could literally feel her juices dripping from her folds down on the car, as Alain stood between her parted legs. While he sucked on her nipples one after the other, he delved underneath the covering of her panties to stroke her sizzling entrance.

“Fuck. I’m dying to taste you here,” he said while stroking her lush folds, “And find out if you’re as sweet as I imagine. But I’m worried I’ll want more than a taste.”

His accent sounded even sexier now that he was aroused. Maya quivered at his words, also asking herself if she wanted things to go that far so soon. If Alain wanted more, and then more, would she have the heart to stop him? Especially when she knew she wanted him just as badly?

She ached for him, ached to free that impressive bulge in his pants and take his hardness in her palms. Maya wanted to share as much pleasure with him as he’d given her with his lips and fingers. His mouth, sealed over her breasts, and his skilled fingers, stroking on her clit and plunging in and out of her moist hole…It was almost enough to send her off the peak into blissful oblivion.

“If you don’t intend to go all the way, you better stop me now,” he rasped, pale blue eyes blazing directly into her widened brown orbs.