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“Alain, I want you, but…”

“Too fast?” he asked after a few moments when her voice petered out. Maya viewed him cautiously, wondering if he’d pay heed to her concerns, or simply venture on with his seduction. Either way, she couldn’t really see herself putting up much of a fight. Not with the way she was hot for him. Just, there was that small part of her that held some doubts if this was what she truly wanted. Sex for the sake of it, nothing more.

Hours later, Maya was still questioning her senses and how she could possibly have let the night end the way it did. Most women would kill to have been in her shoes, the object of desire for one of the sexiest men she’d ever seen. Maya kept wishing she could turn back the clock, and maybe it would be Alain keeping her warm in bed and not these mass of pillows surrounding her.

Even a warm soak earlier hadn’t eased her raging urges. She could still remember Alain’s last kiss, filled with the same temptation as ever, and yet mingled with a sweet reassurance – one that told her he understood her hang-ups about tonight. Maya remembered saying something about at least offering him some coffee upstairs, but he’d chuckled darkly and said it wouldn’t be just coffee he’d be interested in if he came up with her. As such, she saw him off to the door and watched his car leave, and it was then she began to feel the first prick of regret.

One that had continued to spread till it was an aching inferno between her legs. His kisses had tasted so good. His hands on her body had set her alight, even as his mouth and tongue on her breasts, and yes even that hint of biting teeth – had pummeled her with pleasure.

She’d been a fool to let him go, and she probably wouldn’t get another chance, thought Maya. She rolled up and down the sheets for a bit longer before exhaustion finally won – but even in her dreams, she could never run away from the memory of those intoxicating moments of passion with Alain.

Alain was just closing the trade show, after debuting some of their newest, most advanced quick-change bolts for car races. Normally he enjoyed fielding questions about his latest product line, and discussing patents with business associates as well as motor magazines present. Yet today felt different, as he couldn’t wait for it to be all over.

It could be that more and more, he was realizing that work couldn’t really give him everything. He’d spent so much time and dedication to get to his present level, but for too long he’d focused on work and no play. Considering that he was actually in town to take a vacation, it was no wonder he was already tired of the business scene. Good thing then, that for the next few weeks he had nothing else to do but focus on some personal time.

Alain remembered telling his mentor and former boss, Stephane, about his intention to restore an old car for his vacation – and how Stephan had laughed and said he wondered how a car was going to keep Alain warm at night.

Alain now wondered the same thing, while keeping in mind the gorgeous Maya from two nights ago. He thought of what had first drawn him to her when they met, and how it had him in pursuit without even giving himself time to think it through. For Alain, apart from her undeniable beauty and allure, there had been something else. Her confidence. That was what he found most beautiful thing about a woman, of any color. The way she spoke and carried herself, and the way she looked at him that got his blood rushing from his head down to his crotch, was enough to make her a fascinating prospect.

It was the third day since he’d last seen her, and he was of the mind she’d been afforded enough time and space to sort out whatever she’d been worried about that night. Because Alain promised himself that the next time he had the chocolate-skinned Maya alone, he’d be giving them both what they so manifestly craved.

When Alain called to tell her he would pick her up for dinner at 7, Maya felt relieved. She’d been so close to ringing him up herself, after three days of them not seeing. She hadn’t been sure if she should be the one to make the next move. Men took pleasure in the chase, right?

Whatever the case, Maya wasn’t in for games – not with Alain. One promise she made herself as she got ready for the night, was to let each moment lead the way. She didn’t plan on making any rash decisions, but she was determined not to inhibit herself either.

Alain arrived and again, she saw that look in his eyes that told her he liked what he saw – her choice of attire was a success, then. Before she could get in the car, he turned her round and gave her a long, lingering kiss. Whew, thought Maya. Was that a promise of things to come? Because it already had her feeling like jelly – in the best way.