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Instead of heading for a restaurant as Maya expected, Alain informed her that he’d picked dinner up already, and they were going to have a picnic somewhere alone. Maya was brimming with excitement and curiosity, wondering where the location would be. But Alain didn’t let her in on it until finally, they arrived.

He brought them to a stretch of beach, very quiet and secluded. Maya liked it instantly, and got right into the mood of dinner in an outdoor romantic meal. They stretched out a blanket and Maya removed her high heels, sat down and curled her legs under her. Alain had got them some delicious Chinese, filled with things that were easy to feed her while they talked and laughed while enjoying the gentle atmosphere.

The washing waves, both serene and spine-tingling at the same time, the night-blue sky above them filled with stars, and the electric attraction between them, was all that kept them company. Maya had no idea how Alain had arranged such a beautiful spot just for them, but she appreciated the nice touch. It was a while since an admirer had gone out of his way to make her feel special.

Much mellowed out after a couple of hours of good food and company, Maya didn’t demur as Alain came behind her and softly kissed her neck. She did feel a shock when his hands came round to fondle her breasts through her dress – but then she decided she liked Alain’s boldness. No dithering with this guy, she thought with a gasp of pleasure.

Maya closed her eyes and dipped her head back, wanting to give Alain better access to her neck as he nuzzled. Just then, she felt Alain reach up and tie a dark silk cloth around her head, blindfolding her. She instantly reached up to remove it, but he told her, “No.” He gently pulled her hands down, then slowly, slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it pool at her waist.

Already disoriented by the darkness of her blindfold, Maya felt panicked by being half-undressed and threw her hands to cross over her bra, but again Alain drew her hands away and this time, linked them behind her back. The moment she felt him attached some kind of cuffs to keep them there, her stomach felt like its bottom had fallen out. “Alain?” she breathed half in fear and excitement.

Two words – and he had the plummeting beat of her heart go still and calm. The deep warm timber of his voice, and the equally warm touch of his hands on her bare shoulders, heavy and soothing, reassured her. Maya was way less scared now, but just as agitated by the scandalizing thought that she was half-naked, blindfolded and handcuffed on a beach. Thank goodness it was secluded and deserted.

“How captivating a picture you make,” Alain said in his husky, accented voice she found so sexy. “There in your bra and your dress half off, eyes blindfolded and hands restrained in my leather cuffs, with the ocean and night as your perfect backdrop. You can feel your nipples getting hard, can’t you? From not just the slight breeze but from anticipation as well. You can’t see what’s happening, and can’t even make to cover yourself if anyone happened by. I can almost see you dripping in excitement at the thought. Aren’t you, my beauty?”

Maya had let Alain’s words flow over her like poetry, letting her deprived senses, drink in everything around her. It all felt extra intense from not being able to see at all, and just experience.

She was definitely beginning to feel some moistness deep in her core, just as Alain had surmised. Maya couldn’t help wishing, that he would reach down and feel her sex to find it wet and swollen with arousal. The way she was breathing fast and her insides were charged up by desire, it would take just a brush of his hand against her clit and Maya knew she’d orgasm.

Alain seemed to realize this, since he moved away and from the sounds she caught, he began to open more of the containers. He then fed her a few bites of barbecued pork and kimchi, and occasional sips of wine. Eating felt different now that she was blindfolded – the flavors seemed to change on her tongue, becoming more sensual and decadent.

Her dominant lover was opening her senses to a whole new vista, thought Maya. Never would she have thought she’d agree to anything like this…and certainly not to Alain helping her to finish undressing, as he drew the dress down her hips and helped her lift off the floor so he could tug it off her feet. Now she sat in just her bra and panties, a sultry purple ensemble.

“Now you look far more comfortable,” said Alain with approval, though Maya could have retorted that she definitely felt the least comfortable at the moment. After all, she was the one in just her underwear while Alain was fully dressed – and she was at more of a disadvantage because she was blindfolded and bound. Of course, she didn’t voice any of such defiant thoughts. Something about Alain made her want to please him, and as such she gave in to her submissive side, one she never even knew she had before now.