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Once more Alain lifted a spoon to her lips, and the morsel he fed her this time, was topped with some sweet and sour sauce. A couple drops fell on her pushed-up cleavage, sliding down in between the dusky hollow of her breasts.

“Look at the mess I made,” Alain murmured. “I’ll just have to clean it up, seeing as you’re unable to do so yourself at this juncture.”

Maya felt like they were playing out an elaborate scene, and she stifled a giggle thinking how much she really wanted to get into it. A bit of sexy role-play wasn’t out of place, was it – even though she might have picked a less exposed location for them to try it? Still, something about being in the outdoors and risking someone watching or even catching them…had its own dangerous appeal.

Maya felt her nipples begin to harden even before Alain proceeded to scoop out her breasts, freeing them to the open air, and to his gaze which she could already feel like a laser on her flesh. Even with her bra still on, Maya felt just as exposed as possible, what with her mounds raised proudly from their cups, the nipples stung by the swirling breeze.

Everything else before now had been like a teaser, but when Alain began to use his tongue to clean the sauce off her skin, it felt like being shot into orbit. Her nipples felt like hard, sharp points that begged to be tasted. But Alain only focused on the tops of her full, firm breasts where the sauce had spilled. Then he drew back and again, spooned some food close to her lips which she opened dutifully. Only this time, the next bite goes dripping down her inner thigh. Maya gasped as she felt the warm liquid slither down her sensitive skin.

“Lie back,” Alain said, with a voice huskier than usual and almost unrecognizable. Maya was out of breath, just managing to rest on her back even with her arms linked behind her in the cuffs. Just how far was Alain going to take this? Her answer came soon enough.

He’d parted her legs and now she could feel him licking the sauce off her. The next moment, he announced that her panties had gotten wet enough. “They should come off, don’t you think? Before any food gets on them,” he suggested.

Was he serious? Yes, looked like he was, thought Maya with a surge of trepidation and excitement as Alain deftly rid her of her panties, barely needing her to lift her bottom as he all but yanked them off her ankles. Well, shit. Now she was completely exposed and open for all to see.

“I’m so fucking hard for you right now,” he rasped, effectively shutting off her protest as her breathing hiked up impossibly at his statement. “I want to taste you, then take you right here and now. But tonight is all about the expectation, the wait. The longer I keep you on edge, the longer and keener the release when I decide you deserve one.”

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Maya groaned, squirming on the blanket as she told herself that even a soft waft of air against her clit would cause her to explode at this rate. Self-conscious as she was to be virtually butt naked and unable to cover herself from Alain’s sight, Maya also felt deliciously keyed up. When she tried to at least close her legs, Alain swiftly commanded her to keep them open, and to widen them even more, which made her cheeks flush as she complied.

She couldn’t believe this was really happening. Could it be just a dream? But no, it couldn’t be, not when she could feel her own juices start to slide from between her folds and run down to her crack. Maya was sure Alain could see her shamelessly dripping for him? Crazily, she both wanted him to and yet, didn’t. Her head was all over the place, being trapped in the darkness of the blindfold. It made the whole circumstances feel all the more surreal for not getting to see anything, but to use her other senses even more.

“You’re far too fetching for your own good, Maya,” Alain said with a dark chuckle. “How much it’s taking me to hold back, you’ll never know. But this time on the beach is all for you, not me. And I think you need to cool down, don’t you?”

With those words, he took the cool wine bottle and brushed it along her hard nipples. Maya’s spine jerked in reaction, a sensual thrill moving through her body when Alain replaced that cold sensation with his warm mouth, as it engulfed one chilled nipple.

“Oh my…Alain,” Maya panted, feeling him nip gently on her nub with his teeth even as he sucked it whole. No longer able to quell her moans, Maya let the sounds of pleasure fill the night air. Yet even as she begged and gasped for relief from this sweet torture, Alain only laughed wickedly and said, not yet. It felt like an endless loop of wondrous teasing after that. Her relentless lover, turning her over on her stomach as he told her there was yet more area for him to explore on her beautiful form. He freed her hands from the cuffs, and had her stretch her arms over her head out of the way.