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Don't Go (For You 3) Alexa Riley 2022/8/3 13:49:58

“Give you up,” he says instantly.

“I promise I’ll never ask that again.”

“Well, you better get ready or I’m never letting you out of here.”

I debate calling in for a moment but know I’m going to have a lifetime with this man. It’s clear after last night it’s always going to be us.

I make myself stand up. Henry watches me as I shuffle through the bags. I can’t believe how many there are; it looks like he cleared out a department store.

“You just going to watch me?” I tease, looking over my shoulder.

“Babe, you’re fucking naked. Yeah, I’m just going to watch you.”

I throw him a half-hearted eye roll, pulling out a blue dress and a pair of panties.

Henry narrows his eyes at the panties. “Fuck. I didn’t think about panties. I sure don’t like the idea of my male assistant picking out your underwear.”

“I highly doubt he did. Probably had a personal shopper do it,” I say as I slide them on. I should probably shower, but I like the idea of smelling like Henry all day.

“Still don’t like it,” he says, standing from the sofa as I pull the dress on over my head. Henry comes and places a kiss on my back before zipping it.

“Shall I take them off and go without?” I turn my head and bat my eyelashes at him.

“You’re not walking around without underwear all day. I’ll be thinking about bending you over every surface, and then I’ll be thinking about someone getting a look at what’s mine. I’ll be horny and pissed all day.”

I turn and wind my arms around his neck. “You’re the only one who’s ever seen it. No need to get jealous.”

“Yeah, but I want to make sure it stays that way,” he says before his mouth takes mine.

“We’re never getting out of here,” I laugh against his mouth.

He reluctantly lets me go. “Go finish getting ready,” he tells me with a sigh. I dart off to the bathroom and do my morning routine. This all feels too good to be true. I look at myself in the mirror. I look well loved. I hate that I have to go to work. Normally I love working, but today it doesn’t have the same attraction. Maybe it’s because I used it to get lost in. Now I just want to get lost in Henry.

I walk back in to see Henry on his phone. “Make the calls,” I hear him say before he turns around, sliding his phone into his pocket, and sees me. “You ready, baby?”

My heart flutters at his term of endearment. Even though he’s used it before, it’s still new. “Yeah.”

He kisses me below my ear, then grabs my hand and leads me out.

When we get outside there is a car waiting for us. He motions for the driver to not open the door and instead opens it for me himself. I slide in and he follows suit.

“I need to see your mom today,” he says, taking me a little by surprise. “I want to settle anything that could stand between us.”

I look into his deep blue eyes. “Okay.” I nod in agreement. I don’t want anything between us either. I had no idea what had gone on between my mom and him until today.

The drive to work is all too quick. I hate getting out of the car and leaving him, but he follows me. I turn to look at him. “I wasn’t joking,” he says.

“You really bought the company?”

He shrugs like it’s no big thing. “Not leaving you until this Jas—”

His words are cut off when someone yells my name. It’s almost as if Henry conjured him. Jason is storming at me. I take a step back and almost lose my footing. Henry catches me before putting himself in front of me.

Fear takes hold of me for a moment, then Henry is on him. One solid punch and Jason hits the concrete. A few security guards I didn’t notice before this flood in. Henry barks at them to step back as he takes a few more punches at Jason.

“How does it feel to have someone your own size come against you?” He hits him again. Blood pours from Jason’s nose. “Guessing you don’t fucking know.” He slams his head into the ground, knocking him out.

“Sir,” one of the security guards says, trying to calm him, but it looks like nothing will. My eyes meet the security guard’s, and he motions to me to get him to stop.

“Henry.” I say his name softly. He lets go of Jason and turns to look at me. “Please.” He looks back at Jason, then to me.

“Get in the car, baby,” he tells me.

“Are you getting in, too?”

“Yeah.” I reach out and grab him to make sure he really is.

“Take care of it,” he tells the security guard, who nods as Henry slides back into the car with me.