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Don't Go (For You 3) Alexa Riley 2022/8/3 13:50:00

“You know we’re only going to be gone for a few hours.” I turn her in my arms so she’s facing me.

“You’re right. I want a date night out.” She places Anne in her bassinet and we tiptoe out of the room while she’s still asleep.

When we go to the living room, we say hi to my parents and leave them with a list of instructions about a mile long. But they practically shove us out of the door, saying they want us to go have a good time.

“Are you ready?” I ask Kory as we step onto the elevator.

“I am,” she says, taking my hand in hers. “What do you have planned for us tonight?”

I put in my key and hit the button for the rooftop. Normally this is only used for maintenance, but I thought for a night, we could make an exception.

“Where are we going?” Her voice is filled with excitement and it’s infectious.

“It’s a surprise,” I answer, bringing the back of her hand up to my lips.

When the service doors open, the entire space of the rooftop is revealed, along with a view of the city. There are lights strung all around and candles light the way.

“Oh my god, how did you do all of this?”

Gravel crunches under her feet, and I pick her up, carrying her over to the place I have set up. There’s a table with linens and a picnic basket beside it. Champagne chilling and soft music playing.

“I know you’ve been worried about our first night away, so I thought this would make things easier.”

“You really are the perfect man,” she says, placing a kiss on my lips.

“I know, but feel free to keep reminding me.”

A small love seat has been placed so that it looks out on the city. I sit down with Kory in my lap and reach to the table beside the couch to pour us some champagne.

“Do you know what today is?” I ask as I pass her a glass.

“I think it’s Thursday, but I could be totally wrong,” she says, then giggles and takes a sip.

“It’s the day I asked you to prom.” A look of surprise hits her face, and then she brings her hand to my cheek.

“How do you remember that?” She kisses me and shakes her head. “What if I would have said no? Can you imagine how different our lives would have been?”

“I would have never let that happen. And that’s something I can’t imagine. There’s not a world where you and I aren’t together. It’s that simple.” I kiss her again, and we both take a sip of our drinks.

“You’ve been so perfect through the pregnancy and since Anna was born. I know I’ve been a crazy new mom, but I don’t know how I would have done any of it without you.”

“You’ve given me more than I can ever repay. It’s my job to take care of you.” I set our glasses down and wrap my arms around her as we listen to the music and watch the city below.

We kiss and cuddle as I feed her dinner while she stays in my lap. It’s the perfect night and I know exactly what she needed.

“How do you do it?” she asks, and raises an eyebrow in question. “How do you know exactly what I want without me saying it, and give me the perfect night that I didn’t know was possible?”

“You forget, there isn’t an inch of your heart I don’t know,” I say, dipping her down on the couch and kneeling in front of her. I spread her legs and push the edge of her dress above her hips. “And there isn’t an inch on your body I haven’t had.”

When my hands trail up her thighs, I see the hungry look in her eyes.

“Now sit back and let me enjoy the view,” I say, kissing my way to the warm center between her legs.

“What the fuck is that?”

I turn to see Henry standing a few feet behind me.

“What?” I look around to see what he’s talking about. He takes off his suit jacket and drops it over my shoulders, making his cousin Pandora snort.

“What you’re wearing,” he bites out. I look down at my sports bra and yoga pants. This is the first time I’ve been okay with showing off my belly since I had our last baby, but I’m still trying to get in even better shape. Swimsuit season is around the corner.

“Workout clothes.” I look at him like he’s crazy because, well, he is.

“Anyone left in the room in the next thirty seconds will no longer have a job!” he shouts. We’re in the company gym. Pandora had offered to help me with my workout routine. That didn’t seem to be going so well.

The men that were in the gym practically run out. Pandora just shakes her head. “And I know that look cause my own hubs get it. See you later.” She picks up her water bottle. “Text me. We can work out at my house if need be.”