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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:47

She pushes me off her. Getting on her knees, she drags my pants off my hips. Never missing a beat, she sucks my cock to the back of her throat. My hips move on their own, and my eyes close for a moment as I take in the heat and wetness of her mouth. Fuck, I love her mouth on me, and I love that she loves doing it more. She moans louder than I do when she takes me deeper and deeper.

She takes me the way she wants to, and all I do is let her. Once I feel my balls get tight, I pull back. I pull her up, turn her around, and unzip that fucking pink skirt to find there isn’t anything under it. She looks over her shoulder at me, her hair ruffled and flipped to the side, her lips swollen from our kisses. I have tonight with her, and I’m going to fucking make sure she fucking remembers me for a long, long time.

The sunlight hits my face, waking me up when I turn my head, and I blink slowly. I’m lying face down, the sheets are white, and a soft snore comes from beside me. I turn my head to take in ‘John.’ He is on his back with one hand over his head, the other on his chest, and the white sheet covering the best part of his body. Don’t get me wrong; his six-pack was a welcoming surprise, the ink on his arms and chest even more so, but his cock. I hit the motherload, and fuck, do I feel it today. I stretch out my body, tensing while I do it. I look over at the clock and see it’s a little past seven. I sneak out of bed, trying not to make any sudden movements. When my feet touch the floor, I hear his moan beside me, so I stop, but he just moves his head to the other side. A soft little hickey has formed by his nipple, making me smile when I remember when it happened. I walk to the bathroom, bypassing the pile of discarded clothes. His jeans, my shirt, his shirt, my shirt, a wet towel, another towel, my shoe. I bend down, picking up the empty condom wrappers. We used a box of twelve, fucking twelve. I’ve never had sex like this. I’ve never wanted sex like this before. We did it fucking everywhere, giving in to every single one of our fantasies. I step into my skirt, zipping it up, then move to my shirt. My leg muscles scream at me; I guess squatting over his cock for ten minutes wasn’t the best idea since I haven’t worked out in forever, but I honestly felt like a porn star. That was right after the shower, or was it before he ate the whipped cream off me? I look in the living room area and see the uneaten strawberries, but the whipped cream is all gone, or better yet, it’s smeared on the coffee table. I really hope they disinfect this whole room. I bend to pick up one of my shoes and tiptoe around the room to look for the other one. I look out the window overlooking the city … is that my ass print? I tilt my head—it must be—and right next to it are my handprints clear as day from when he took me from behind. I finally find my other shoe and bend to put it on.

I look back in the bedroom one last time, taking him all in. I will never ever see him again, and it kind of hurts that we don’t even know each other’s real names. But it was meant to be this way. I grab a pad on the desk that does, in fact, have more whipped cream on it. Grabbing the pen, I quickly write.

You rocked my world, literally.

I quietly open the door, holding it in my hand until I finally hear the click. I walk down the hallway with my head down as I pass the maids wheeling their carts for the start of their day. I smile at one of them. I’m not even sure I look halfway decent, but I don’t really care because all I could do was play last night over and over in my head. It plays while I walk out of the hotel, while I flag down a cab, and especially when I climb into my bed. His smell still all over me, and he isn’t the only one with wounds. I have his teeth marks right on my hips, where he bit me, and I smile at the memory. The guy was a beast in bed, and if we had more time, I would totally do it again. I fall asleep, only waking when my alarm rings at five p.m. I roll out of bed, and my vagina actually hurts. I haven’t been that into sex in forever. Maybe the fact I knew I would never see him again added to the fact his penis was perfect and he knew how to use it like an expert. I just took advantage of it.