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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:53

“You survived,” Brody says, hugging me and smacking my back. This guy is a fucking ox. I’m in good shape, but he hurt my fucking back.

“Very funny.” I take a pull of my beer. “I will say that I officially hate fucking camping now.” I shake my head. “Hate it.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad,” Darla says, laughing while I glare at her.

“You think of the worst possible thing that can happen”—I point at her—“then times that by two. I’m going to see if my parents are here,” I tell them. Walking away, I head inside and find Gram.

“Hey there, pretty boy,” she says, kissing me on the cheek. “How was camping?”

“Brody and Walker here?” I ask her. “Oh, I see them.” I nod at her, seeing that Walker arrived with Mila, and his face gets tight when he sees the girl he is trying to run from. When I walk outside this time, I’m stopped by a couple of people, all asking about the fucking camping trip. Did someone take out a billboard?

Making my way to the buffet, I grab a plate at the same time as a tiny hand grabs the same plate, and without looking up, I know it’s her. My body knows she’s near, my cock half saluting her, my heart beating a touch higher. “Take it,” I tell her, not saying anything else. I pile food on my plate, turning around to see where my cousins are sitting. I pull out a chair at their table, and Crystal takes the one next to me. I don’t listen to half the conversation around me because I can’t. I’m fully aware of the woman next to me. Our arms touch on the table, and I just stare at them, then when her leg touches mine, she crosses her other foot so she leans into me a little more. Someone mentions cake, and Hailey and Crystal both jump up to go to the dessert table.

“Why were they invited?” I look at them, then the table.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here,” Darla says, “and say that someone has gotten under your skin.” She points at me.

“Please.” I roll my eyes.

“I don’t know if you know this, but Crystal is the talk of the salon. Ever since Mrs. Peterson broke her hip and she took care of her, she is the highlight of everyone’s talk.”

“I’m the one who operated on her, not my nurse.”

“Oh, someone is sensitive,” Brody says as he takes a pull from his beer bottle.

“Fuck you.” I throw down my napkin. “I’m out.” I walk around the pool to the side of the house, and I’m almost to my truck when I see someone I went to high school with who just came back into town.

“You look so different,” Felicia says from beside me after she kisses me on my cheek.

“I could say the same about you.” I smile at her. “California agreed with you.”

“I loved it out there, but it was time to come home. Finished Sowing my wild oats.” She smiles.

“Well, no place better to raise a family than here.”

“That is what I think, too. So, you joined the family practice?”

“Yeah.” I nod my head. “It’s where I want to be.”

“Well, we should totally do dinner one day and catch up. Do you still have the same number?” she asks, taking her phone out to scroll and repeat the number she has saved under my contact.

“That’s it.” I smile at her as she leans in one more time to kiss me on my cheek. I wave to her, watching her walk away from me. Looking at where she is going, I see Brody, Darla, and Crystal heading my way.

“You’re still here?” Brody asks.

“Yes, I was just leaving.” I look at them.

“Us, too. We have to drive Crystal home. Hailey isn’t ready to go yet,” Darla says.

“I’ll take her. It’s on my way,” I say before I catch myself.

“Perfect,” Brody says. We turn and walk toward the driveway. She walks toward my truck, stopping to hug Darla, and kiss Brody goodbye.

She turns to look at me. “You didn’t have to drive me. I’ll go back and get Hailey.” She turns around, walking to the backyard.

I reach out to grab and stop her. “Get in the truck,” I say through clenched teeth. This must be what they mean when they say breathing fire.

She pulls her hand free. “What’s your problem?” She folds her arms, looking at me.

“My problem is that I had a rough couple of days,” I tell her, leading her to the truck. I open the door for her. “I fucking hate camping.” I push her in as she tries to hide the smirk.

“I knew you didn’t like camping, but why did you suck at every single activity?” She turns and smiles at me. I step back, closing the door in her face. I march—yes, you read that right—I march to the driver’s side and climb in.