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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:54

“Buckle up,” I tell her. Starting the truck, I buckle myself in.

“I get you’re pissed because you sucked at every single activity, and that if push came to shove, you would be the one voted off the island first, but you shouldn’t be that angry.”

I turn right instead of turning left. I have no idea what I’m doing. “It wasn’t because I didn’t do well in the activities. It’s…” I stop talking and look over at her. She’s fucking beautiful, stunning; she is hands down the most beautiful person I have ever met, and her beauty goes deep. She isn’t just a pretty face and a hot body; she has brains and compassion. That is when she doesn’t make me want to bang my head against the wall, which is fifty percent of the time. “It’s your fucking fault,” I roar out, causing her to gasp in shock.

“My fault?” She puts her hands on her chest, her face shocked. “My fault? Why in the hell is any of this my fault?”

“You brought us up there for team fucking building,” I say, going through the street that leads to my house. “Team bonding, my ass. I would have fired you all,” I tell her as she pffts out and rolls her eyes. “Then you kiss me.”

“What?” she yells, slapping her legs with her hands and then bringing them up. “I kissed you?” Her eyebrows pinch together. “You fucking kissed me.” She points at me. “Getting all up in my space, breathing on me.” I pull up to my house, thinking for once, thank god it’s so secluded. “Coming all at me.” She continues her rant, not even realizing we are parked. “You have some nerve with this whole ‘you kissed me’ bullshit.”

“So you didn’t kiss me back?” I ask her with my back to the door. She opens and then closes her mouth. “You didn’t rake your fingers up my chest so hard I had red marks long after?” She glares at me. “You didn’t moan into my mouth when I deepened the kiss?” I unbuckle my belt. “You didn’t want more?”

She glares at me. “Nope.” And rolls her lips together, putting her back against the truck door. I reach over, unbuckling her seat belt. “What?” she says in a whisper. She looks confused, not sure what is going on. Now she looks straight ahead and sees that we are parked. When I reach over and grab her to pull her to me, she comes willingly.

“Are you saying that if I kissed you again right now, you wouldn’t want it?” I push my seat back with one hand, still holding her with the other. “Are you saying that if I kissed you right this minute, you wouldn’t kiss me back, you wouldn’t want it?” I pull her closer, thanking fuck I have a big ass truck with so much space. “Are you telling me that you didn’t want me as bad as I wanted you?” My hands go to her hips, pulling her over to straddle my lap, her knees bent beside my hips. “Are you telling me I’m the only one who stayed awake all night long, thinking about sneaking into your room just to get a taste?”

“No,” she whispers. This time, she makes the move, bending down and stopping just before she kisses my lips. “I don’t know what it is.” I don’t let her finish. I slam my lips to hers, the kiss frantic. My lips on hers, her tongue with mine, our hands all over the place. My hands glide up her sides to cups her tits, squeezing them in my hands.

Her mouth leaves mine, and when she throws her head back and moans, I attack her neck. I bite and suck and kiss all at the same time. Her hands go under my sweater and shirt, but stop when I push her back against the steering wheel. Her shirt has shifted and now dips in the front, baring her shoulders. Pulling down the front, I hiss when I see her in a totally see-through strapless lace bra. Her nipples pink and pebbled, I lean down and bite one hard enough to hear her moan out loud while her hip moves up and down on my straining cock. “Oh my god.” My eyes look up at her when I move to the other breast, doing the same thing with that nipple. “Why?” she asks the question, but I don’t bother to answer her. I snap her bra off to bare her tits to me. Her hips ride me, trying to get more.

Feeling like a teenager making out in my fucking truck instead of grabbing her and bringing her to my bed, I suck a nipple into my mouth as her hands fly to my head. Her panting becomes louder and louder. I kiss my way over to the other one, sucking in her flesh before taking the nipple into my mouth. “Gabe,” she whispers, looking down at me and pulling me up to her lips. She sits up, pressing my back to the seat, and my hands going to her ass. Grabbing her and pushing her into me, I feel her heat through both our jeans. Her mouth on mine, her tongue in my mouth. She goes right to left, trying to kiss me deeper. My hands at the nape of her neck pull her head back so I can kiss her neck, the neck that called out for me all night. I’m about to bite it when I hear a phone ringing.