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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:54

“Shit,” she says, snapping out of it. “That’s mine.” She leans over to get her purse and pulls out her phone. “Hey,” she says into the phone. “Are you on your way?” She climbs off my lap, pushing her shirt up. “Yeah, I’m home. I’m going to bed, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” She tosses the phone down, looking at me. “Hailey is on her way home. How fast can you get me there?”

“What?” I look at her in confusion while she situates her sweater.

“If I’m not home when she gets there, and then I walk in after her, we are going to have to explain where the hell we were this whole time.”

“So?” She looks at me, buckling in. “So we can’t tell anyone. How is it going to look if you’re banging your new nurse?” I put my seat back and start the truck. “I think this thing is …” And she stops.

“What is this thing?” I ask her, driving faster than I normally do to get her home on time.

“We have an itch, and we need to scratch it.” She smiles at me. “I mean, we are definitely attracted to each other, and the sex was decent the last time.”

I glare over at her. “Decent, my ass. I rocked your world.”

“Whatever.” She rolls her eyes when I turn on her street. I pull up to see that Hailey’s car isn’t there yet. “Perfect,” she says. Unbuckling and turning to look around, she leans over. “Okay, fine, it was a little better than decent.” She kisses me on my lips and then jumps out of the truck, running up the steps. I watch her make it inside, then turn and drive back home, replaying what the fuck just happened.

“I almost had sex in my truck,” I tell no one. “I would have totally fucked her in my truck, and I’ve never fucked in my truck.”

I pull up to my house again. This time, when I open the door, her white bra falls at my feet. I bend to pick it up. “Decent, my fucking ass.” I smile, walking up the step with her bra in hand. One day she is going to get this back, and I plan to make that day sooner than later.

I rush up the stairs, my tits bouncing away with no bra. My heart beating so fast I don’t think I can breathe. “What the fuck was all that?” I slam my bedroom door and lean against it as my chest rises and falls. My nipples sensitive from the friction of the knitted sweater. Pulling it over my head, I walk to my dresser to grab a tank top. Looking down, I see a hickey bright as day right next to my nipple. “Asshole.”

I peel my jeans off my legs and toss them into the laundry basket. I put on a pair of shorts just as the front door opens and shuts. “Just in the nick of time,” I say when I hear Hailey moving around downstairs. I open my Facebook app, wondering what my friends are doing back home, when I see I have a couple of friend requests. Darla, Emma, and Ava. I accept their requests and then see that Ava posted some pictures of this weekend. I click on her pictures going left to right when I see a picture of Emma, Ava, Olivia, Mia, Corrine, and two other people I don’t know with the caption “work squad.” I click on the faces to see if they have been tagged. I notice one is Laura, the nurse I replaced, so I click on her face to take me to her Facebook page. She is private, but I see she has her work information entered, showing her new position at Chicago Memorial. I go back to Ava’s picture and click on the other face, who is Bethany.

When I get to her Facebook page, her profile picture looks like it’s from a yearbook. I swipe right, and my heart stops; there is Gabe and this woman taking a selfie. He kisses her neck while she smiles at the camera, showing off her engagement ring. The title is “I’m getting married,” and I feel sick to my stomach. I sit up in bed going through the comments. They are all well wishes. Then I see a comment from Gabriel Walker.

Thank you for the wishes, so glad she said yes. I click on his name, and it takes me to his profile page, which is set to private. His profile picture is of him, Walker, and Brody standing around with beers in their hands. It is the only picture I could see. I try to click to see his friends, but it only shows me how many we have in common, which is two—Emma and Ava.