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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:55

I try not to change my facial expression when she mentions Gabe. “None of the nurses will he fight for, but low and behold, he called his father last night demanding to work with you today.”

I shake my head. “I don’t know.”

She smiles. “He just knows good when he sees it.” She turns to walk out of the room, leaving that lingering in the air.

The week flies by, and by the time I look around, we are getting in the Uber to go to the bowling alley. “You look awesome,” I tell Hailey.

“It feels good to dress up,” she says, looking over at me.

“Yeah, feels nice not to have my scrubs on,” I say, looking down at my skintight blue jeans with rips in the front and a long-sleeve black bodysuit with a round criss-cross neckline. My hair loose and wavy. “I’m planning to let loose tonight.” I wink at her as I put on my pink lip-gloss.

“Here we are,” the driver says, and we get out of the car. We both plan on drinking tonight so we decided to Uber it. Walking in, I look around and see a couple of the people have arrived. I introduce Hailey to Emma and Mia, who quickly start talking. I look up to see Gabe staring at me or, better yet, glaring at me.

I give him a chin up when he motions with his head for me to follow him. I walk away from the girls who are talking about some recipe and follow Gabe out the side entrance. “What’s the matter?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.

He looks around and then grabs my hand, dragging me with him around a corner to an alley. It’s a dead-end alley with two dumpsters. “What the hell?” I ask him. I’m about to say more when I’m pushed to the wall next to the dumpster. “Gabe,” I whisper to him when he comes to stand in front of me, his eyes a dark blue.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” My back is against a cold brick wall, my legs opened a bit where he’s stepped between them. “All week, I’ve tried to get some time with you, and you just avoided everything.” I finally take in his outfit; he looks like he can be on the cover of GQ. His light blue jeans ripped at the knee, a dark blue jean shirt buttoned up the front. The cuffs turned and rolled up, showing off his ink and I get the need to trace it with my fingers or better yet my tongue. White running shoes on his feet.

“I have not been avoiding you.” I try to settle my erratic heartbeat.

He looks in my eyes, and then down at my chest, his forefinger tracing the edges around my breast. “All week, I wanted to talk to you.”

“Really?” I laugh. “About the fact you gave me a hickey?”

His head flies up. “I did not.”

“Oh”—my hand grasps my top, and I move it down an inch to show him the now fading hickey—“you most certainly did.”

His finger reaches out to touch it, and he chuckles. “I guess I did.”

“Yeah, well …” His mouth shuts me up. Fuck, can he kiss. He can kiss better than anyone I have ever kissed. His tongue invades me, his hands on my hips now. He kisses me, leaving me breathless and senseless. I can’t think when he’s kissing me.

“I think I need to return the favor,” I finally say when he leaves my lips to kiss down my neck. I unbutton his shirt until it gapes open. My hand touches his hot skin, and he hisses. “I forgot what you looked like,” I say when my finger runs down his chest. I lean in, biting his nipple and then sucking right next to it, exactly where he gave me a hickey. I look up and see him watching me, but he doesn’t give me a second more. Instead, he pushes me back against the wall and attacks me with his mouth. We moan into each other’s mouths, my leg lifting over his hip, making it the perfect position for him to slide into me if we weren’t wearing pants.

“Tonight,” he says when he leaves my lips. “Don’t give a fuck how pissed you are or how much you avoid me. Tonight, you’re coming home with me, and we are going to fuck each other out of our systems.” He rolls his hips, the friction hitting my clit. “Tell me you get me.”

I nod. “That is what we need to do. One more time just to get it out of our system.” I lean forward, kissing him when I bite his lower lip. “One night, like the last time.”

“Deal,” he says, and I push off the wall.

“Don’t follow me in,” I say over my shoulder. “Wait a couple of minutes.” I walk to the front, going in the door.