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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:56

“There you are.” I hear Hailey say from beside Walker.

“Sorry, I forgot something in the car,” I say, avoiding eye contact with her while I grab my shoes.

Hailey laughs next to me. “That’s funny. We didn’t bring my car here.”

My head snaps up. Fuck. “Did we pick teams already?” I ask, walking away and praying to fuck that no one else noticed I was gone.

I watch her walk away from me, swinging her hips, and I make a whole list of fucking things I’m going to do with that ass tonight. This is the best idea I’ve had ever. We just need one more night to fuck off these frustrations. I’ve been on edge since I attacked her in my truck. Every single day, I’ve tried to get a minute with her, but it’s been so busy we haven’t had the time. I came so close to showing up at her house, but I didn’t know if she had told her cousin. I look back at my chest and see the little hickey she gave me; it’s not as good as the one I gave her. I didn’t even know I had given her one, but seeing my mark on her almost made me want to beat my fist on my chest.

I walk in, rubbing the lip-gloss off my lips with my thumb, when I see Walker look at me with his eyebrows pushed together. I have no idea what is going on, but Hailey is beside him, and when she sees me walking in, her eyes go big and her mouth opens. Walker leaves her and meets me halfway.

“You are fucking Crystal? Are you insane?” he hisses.

“Hey,” I say, pointing at him, “I’m not fucking anyone.” And at that exact moment, it’s the truth. I’m not fucking anyone, but tonight … tonight, I’m going to be fucking her.

“Really?” He tilts his head, looking at me. “You still have lip-gloss on your lips, and your shirt is not buttoned properly.”

“Fuck,” I say, turning and walking to the bathroom. I walk inside and see that I have lip-gloss all over my fucking face. I grab some brown paper towels, wet them, and wipe it off. When I walk back out, I see that Brody, Darla, Walker, and Hailey are all together. “So did you guys make the teams?” I ask, avoiding anyone’s eyes.

“We did,” Walker says. “It’s going to be six of us. Against six of them.” He points at the other side. I see Crystal standing with the other nurses socializing.

“So,” Walker says, sitting next to Hailey. “Who is going to go first?”

Darla jumps to her feet. “I’ll go first,” she says as she gives Brody a kiss. I watch her walk down the lane, and her ball knocks down four pins. Shaking my head, I grab a beer from the tray next to Brody.

“Hailey,” Brody says loudly, and I turn seeing her jump away from Walker. “Your turn.”

Going to the balls, she grabs a pink ball and looks over at Alan in the other lane. They discuss something, and she watches him bowl, then repeats what he did and knocks down eight pins. She squeals and then walks back over and high-fives him.

“Who the fuck is that?” Walker asks from beside me.

“Don’t fucking touch my pediatrician. He just started. He’s the best around.” I look over to see Crystal talking to a guy I don’t recognize. Walker jumps out of his chair and goes to introduce himself while I laugh to myself.

Crystal finally comes over to sit beside me. “When is it my turn?” she asks, looking up at the board. “I’m after Walker.”

“Yeah. But I can say with confidence that I’m going to win tonight.”

She folds her arms over her chest. “Really?” And she laughs. “Is that a fact?”

“It is.” I take a sip of beer then hand it to her. She grabs the plastic cup of beer, taking a sip. “We should bet.”

“Oh, really?” she says right when Walker finishes, and it’s her turn. She looks around and then leans in. “How about if you lose, you give head first.” She whips herself out of her chair. “Is that a deal?” she says over her shoulder.

“What is a deal?” Darla asks, looking at us.

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“Winner buys the other one lunch for a week,” I say to her as Crystal picks up her ball. “No way she can win. Her shot is going to be soft.”

I see Crystal line up and then walk out, throwing the ball straight down the middle. I close my eyes before the ball touches the pins, saying a silent prayer, but it isn’t answered. Instead, I hear her fucking squeal.

“Soft, my ass,” she says as she comes back and sits next to me. “I believe it’s your turn. Loser buys the winner lunch for a week.” She smiles at me while I glare at her. “Should I just give you my orders now?”