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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:57

His hands go to the top button of his jeans, kicking off his shoes while he pulls the zipper down. His black boxers hide what he has underneath. He pulls his pants off, leaving them in a heap at his feet. He climbs onto the bed, his hands pushing my knees to the sides so I open more to him. He pulls my one hand out of my panties and brings my fingers to his mouth. “Thanks for keeping her warm,” he says, sucking the juices off my fingers.

The hand that was holding mine now rubs down the length of my lace-covered slit. “How fond are you of these panties?” he asks. But he doesn’t wait for an answer because he rips them off me, the lace no match to his strength, and then he tosses them to his bedside table where I found my bra. “To add to the collection.” He winks at me, and my stomach sinks. He looks down now, and I’m open for him. “Time for me to pay my debts.” He smiles, getting on his stomach with his arms beside my hips.

I watch him blow on my wet slit, his mouth so close I tilt my hips up, and he licks from the bottom to the top, sucking on my pussy. My head flies back as I take in the warmth of his mouth. His hands push my legs back while he licks me up and down, his tongue circling my clit. “Fuck,” I pant out.

My hands go to his head as his licks get harder, and he teases me more. He looks up, watching me, now biting my clit when he gets there and then licking back down. “Do that again,” I beg him. And I see him smirk as he does it again. My hands go back to the headboard as I try to ride his face. I’m frantic with need; I need him to just give it to me. His hands move up to my tits, rolling my nipples while he bites my clit. I move my hips side to side, and he still doesn’t give it to me. I groan in frustration, one of my hands squeezing the pillow while the other hand goes to his head. I hold his head as I try to move. His hands let go of my tits, sliding down, and he puts one finger in me, then two. I thrust my hips to meet his fingers as he sucks my clit into his mouth, and I close my eyes and fly off the cliff, coming on his fingers so hard.

I lie back on his pillow, my chest rising and falling fast. My breathing trying to get back to normal. He leans over, opening his nightstand drawer to take out a condom. I watch him sheath himself, taking his cock in his hand and positioning it at my opening. I’m waiting, now almost holding my breath for him to enter me. We both moan as he slides into me a bit at a time till he’s buried fully inside me. “Definitely not what I remembered,” I tell him with my palm on his stomach as he slides in and out. We watch each other the whole time, never once looking away, except when we both come and our eyes close at the same time.

We spend the night savoring every single second. I thought the hotel room was the best sex I had, but I lied. This, right here, tonight, which turned into early morning, is the best sex I’ve had in my life.

We are on his couch, after coming down to get something to drink and eat, and I straddle his lap with his cock buried in me. I collapse on top of him, my eyes growing heavy. He places me on my side, sliding out of me to go take care of the condom. “You want to go back to my room?” he asks, and I just nod my head, or at least I think I’m nodding my head. Who knows at this point. My body is limp, and I’m curled up naked on the couch when I hear him laugh. He picks me up off the couch and carries me up the stairs, placing me in his bed that must be the definition of heaven. I turn on my side, feeling him slide in behind me and pull the covers over us. I close my eyes, telling myself I’m just going to take a power nap and then head home.

I don’t know how long I sleep or even what time it is, but when I get up, I walk to the bathroom. Finishing up, I grab my clothes to get dressed while I watch him sleep. When I’m fully dressed, I go back to the bed. I lean down to kiss him as he groans. “I’m leaving,” I whisper, knowing he isn’t going to hear me. I sneak out of the house when I see my Uber pull up. I climb in the car, my muscles screaming at me, and close my eyes.