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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:50:58

“We’ve arrived.” I hear the Uber driver say. I thank him and walk into the house, hoping I can sneak in, but no luck. Hailey is walking into the kitchen when I get in.

“Did you leave to go out for doughnuts, or is this your walk of shame?” she asks me as she walks to the machine and starts the coffee.

“I don’t want to discuss it.” I walk to the table and pull out a chair. I place my head on the table, my phone buzzing in my pocket. “I’m going to sleep till Monday.”

I close my eyes while I hear her making coffee, the smell almost perking me up. “I kissed Jensen last night.” I hear her say and lift my head from the table.

“With tongue?” I ask her as she nods her head like a badass. “HUSSY!” I yell, laughing and slapping the table. “And how was it?”

I see her struggle to put it into words, her mouth opening and closing a couple of times when she says just one word. “Perfect.” She smiles. “Absolutely perfect.”

“I thought he would knock the shit out of Alan and bowl with his head. Every single time.” I laugh, grabbing one of the cups of coffee and taking a sip. “It was quite funny. Gabe and I had a side bet going.”

“You and Gabe have a lot going,” she counters, and I bend my head, not willing for her to see that I’m in over my head. Last night was supposed to get it out of our system, but I’m afraid it made it even worse. “I know you’re a big girl, but I want you to be careful. I mean, he’s your boss.”

“Technically, his father is my boss, but it was a one-time thing.” I point at her, and she glares at me. “Okay, fine, it was more than a one-time thing, but it’s done.” I put my hands up, not willing to tell her about the first time we were together. That’s my secret. The only other secret I’m not sharing with her. “No blood, no foul, or whatever the country folks say.”

“I think it’s no harm, no foul, country or not,” she says, sitting up. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Hailey, it’s fine.” I look up and then down. “I promise I’m okay.” I get up from the table, grabbing my cup of coffee and walking up the stairs while my phone continues to buzz in my purse. I close the door, then take my phone out of my purse.

“You just left,” he says angrily.

“I told you I was leaving.” It isn’t a lie; I did. “And you mumbled something and turned over.”

“I’m pretty sure if I had heard you say you were leaving, I wouldn’t have let you leave,” he says while I start to undress. “I swear to god, I’m going to cuff you to me next time,” he says, and I hear rustling in the background.

“Well, too late. I’m home now, and I’m going to bed to sleep till Monday.” I laugh. “You wore me out, and I don’t think I can move.”

He chuckles. “I have to get up and get my truck. Call me when you wake up.”

I close my eyes, ignoring the feelings creeping into me. The butterflies starting to fluff their wings. “Gabe.”

“Later, doll face,” he says, hanging up.

“Why the fuck is he calling me doll face?” I shake my head and crawl under the covers, hating my bed all of a sudden. I don’t know if it’s so much that I hate my bed or that I love his more. “Ugh.” I get back up to close the shades and make the room as dark as possible, then fall sound asleep. When I wake, it’s still dark, or darker, I should say. Grabbing my phone, I see it’s almost seven p.m. “Fuck, I actually slept the whole day.” I get up and go downstairs, finding a note from Hailey on the counter.

Gone to have dinner at Jensen’s. Be back later.

With a smile, I open the fridge and find nothing that I like or, better yet, nothing I can pop into the microwave. I groan, shutting the fridge door. I go upstairs and take a shower, which makes me feel a little bit more human and refreshed. I grab my phone and the truck keys. “Pizza,” I say to myself, making my way to D’Amore. I park the truck, walking around the corner, and stop in my tracks. There in the middle of the sidewalk is Gabe with a blonde holding his hand. My stomach falls, my heart speeds up, and heat rises up to my neck.

“This was fun.” I hear her giggle when she turns to look at him as he smiles at her. Asshole. “We need to do this again soon.”