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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:51:00

“Fuck,” he hisses when I fist him and move up and down. He lifts my shirt, taking a nipple into his mouth, then sneaks his hand into the front of my shorts, his finger sliding between my folds as he mimics my hand movements.

“Gabe,” I say breathlessly. “I need you.” I release him, unsnapping his button and pushing his pants down over his hips.

“Condom?” he says, looking at me, his fingers still going in and out of me.

“Where is it?” I ask him.

“I don’t have any,” he says, and my eyes snap to his.

“What about in your wallet?” I ask him.

“Used it last week in the truck when you couldn’t wait to get in the house,” he says, his fingers still moving in me.

“Get off,” I tell him, reaching around him to get into my nightstand drawer.

“You have one in there?” he asks me, now pulling down my shorts.

“No, but I have my vibrator,” I tell him as his gaze snaps up and he watches me pull it out. “You got me all riled up, and I need relief.”

He takes the vibrator from my hand and tosses it over his shoulder. “Over my dead body.”

“If you don’t fucking go pick up my vibrator, you will be dead.”

“Are you on the pill?” he asks me. “I’m clean, very clean,” he starts saying as he fists his cock in his hand.

“I’m on the pill,” I lie to him, and it’s sour in my mouth. “I’m clean. I’ve never done it without, and I got tested right before I moved here.”

“Only this one time,” I tell him and don’t say anything else because he’s already inside me.

“Fuck,” he hisses. “Don’t move or you really will need to get yourself off.”

I wrap my legs around his waist, pushing his pants off with my feet, or at least lower than his hips. He pounds into me as his head comes down and kisses me. My fingers go through his short hair to his neck, pulling him closer to me. He gets on his elbows while our hips move toward each other. The whole time we never stop kissing, even when he buries himself inside me, and we both moan. We continue kissing until he slips out of me. He gets up, opening the bedroom door, and peeks out before going to the bathroom and coming back with a cloth for me to clean myself.

He kicks off his shoes and undresses, getting into bed with me. “How did you get here?” I ask him when he spoons me from behind.

“Cab.” He kisses my neck. “Took fucking forever.” I laugh but soon fall back asleep. When the alarm rings the next day, I expect to find him gone, but he’s not. He’s still beside me.

“Wake up.” I nudge him. “Time to go.”

He groans under protest, rolling over to continue sleeping. I get up to take a shower, and when I make it back to my bedroom, he’s gone.

I walk downstairs, listening to him have a conversation with Hailey. “Fuck,” I mouth.

“Your cousin wasn’t answering her phone last night, so …” He starts talking, then I walk in.

“So he decided coming here at one a.m. and throwing rocks at my window was a good idea.” I open the fridge, getting the milk out for the coffee and my lunch bag.

“I wouldn’t have to do that if you had just answered your phone.” He pours himself coffee.

“There was no need to answer my phone.” I shrug, taking out some cereal and pouring it into a bowl.

“Because you hate being wrong.” He points at me, and I glare at him, smashing the box of cereal on the counter.

“I’m leaving,” I say, grabbing my purse, keys, and lunch bag. Turning to Hailey, I tell her, “Blake should be here late today. He called last night.”

Hailey’s face beams with a smile. “Oh, you answered his phone call!” Gabe says when he grabs his jacket and heads to the front door where I stand.

“Well, he isn’t an asshole,” I say, opening the front door. “How are you getting to work?” I ask him, and he throws his head back and laughs.

“You are going to drive me. I took a cab last night.”

“I’m not showing up with you in my car.” I turn to him. “People will see.”

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“And that’s a problem because?” He puts his hands on his hips. “What’s the matter, babe? Scared they might think you have a thing for me?”

I shake my head, laughing. “Trust me, the last thing I have is a thing for you.”

“I’ll remember that the next time you are beg—” I run to him, covering his mouth with my hand.

“Get in. I’m dropping you off at the corner. I’ll slow down so you can tuck and roll.” I turn around and walk away, not expecting him to smack my ass. I turn to glare at him now. “I won’t even slow down now.”