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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:51:00

Gabe throws his head back, laughing as he gets in the car and leans over to kiss me. “You wouldn’t hurt me,” he says, and I just huff out when he takes my hand and brings it to his lips. Kissing my hand, he smiles at me. “Would you?”

“I guess we will see, won’t we?” I say, pulling up to the clinic and looking around. Fuck, we arrived at the same time as Ava and Corrine. “Great,” I hiss.

“Hey, guys, good morning,” Gabe says as if us showing up for work together is a normal thing.

“Dr. Walker,” Ava says shocked. “Crystal.”

“His truck is in the shop, so I picked him up when he was walking,” I tell them, walking in front of them.

“Thanks for the lift, but you have to drive me to pick up my truck at lunch. Please don’t forget.” I nod at him, smiling all the while I’m skinning his balls in my head. We walk in and go straight to work, only stopping at lunch when he asks me to drive him to pick up his truck. I smile at him while everyone else looks at us.

“You can’t do that,” I yell at him when we pull away from the clinic. “You could have asked anyone for a lift. Why me?”

“Well, besides the fact I like you and want to spend time with you?” he says, smiling at me. “I was hoping to get lucky.” I turn, watching him while he wiggles his eyebrows.

“Not a chance in hell,” I tell him. “You think I’m going to go back to the clinic with sex on my face? No.”

“You really do glow after.” He leans over, kissing my neck. I pull up while he unbuckles his seat belt. “You really aren’t going to come in?”

“No, Gabe,” I tell him. “I’m really not coming in.”

I watch him walk up the steps to his house, and my heart is telling me to go in, live a little, but my gut tells me to turn around. I follow my gut; I always, always follow my gut.

I pull up to the clinic and am walking inside when my phone rings, and it’s Blake.

“Hey, did you get in?” I ask him.

“Something happened,” he says, and my feet stop in the middle of the room. “Fuck,” he says out loud. “I upset her. Do you know that guy she’s dating?”

“Walker?” I ask. “Yes, why?”

“Call him and tell him to come to her; she needs him. She’s sitting on the beach.” I hang up on Blake right then, calling Walker right away.

“Where are you?” I ask him.

“Just got to the office,” he tells me, and then asks, “what’s the matter?”

“I have no idea, but Blake just called me and asked me to call you. I don’t have the details,” I say while I hear him peel out of the parking lot. Looking out the window, I see him take off. “But she’s on the beach.”

I look down at my phone when Gabe comes back in. “What’s the matter?” he says, taking in my face.

“Not sure. Blake called and said Hailey is on the beach, so I called Walker.”

“Whatever is the matter, Walker will fix it,” he says, walking past me to the back, waiting for me to walk in front of him when he opens the door.

“I’m sure you’re right,” I say, tucking the phone into my pocket. He doesn’t call me back, so I call him nonstop till he finally answers. “What the fuck is wrong with you two? Why can’t you two carry phones?”

“Because they don’t want you disturbing them.” Gabe puts in his comments, but I turn around and hiss at him.

“Mrs. Henderson is waiting for you to treat her hangnail. I’m assuming you can do that without a nurse,” I say to him, then go back to Walker. “What happened to Hailey?”

“I think it’s best for her to tell you. I’m going to get Mila, and then we are meeting for dinner at D’Amore,” he tells me, and I suddenly remember I didn’t eat lunch.

“Oh, I want pizza. I’m coming too. At what time?” I ask him.

“I have no idea. Probably six,” he answers.

“Perfect. I get off at that time, so save me a place.”

“Me too,” Gabe yells from the back. I spin around on my stool.

“You aren’t invited,” I tell him, glaring at him.

He stands there crossing his arms over his chest. “My cousin is going, so I can go to the restaurant if I want, Crys. It’s a public place.”

“Whatever, but you aren’t sitting with us. Maybe you might meet another date?” I tell him, knowing full well it’s a low blow.

“Oh my god, I dated her in fucking high school,” he counters.

“I’m not talking to him. I’ll be there. See you at six.” I hang up. “So now you dated? You told me you were just friends.”