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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:51:01

“Too late,” I say. “I already paid the bill.” I get up, looking at Crystal. “Let’s go.”

This doesn’t bode well with her as she folds her arms over her chest. “I’m not driving you home.”

I shake my head and think how pissed she would be if I just threw her over my shoulder. “Let’s go.” Then I hiss out, “Please.”

“Fine.” She throws her napkin on the table. “This is the last time.” She grabs her purse, saying bye to everyone as we walk out.

“I was giving you till the count of ten and then I was fucking yanking you up and we were leaving,” I tell her when I get in the car.

“Is that so?” she asks with a side look as she pulls into my driveway. “Get out,” she says.

I lean over and turn the car off, taking the keys out of the ignition. “Not so fast. We need to talk.”

I get out of the car, and she yells in frustration as she stomps up the steps. I walk straight to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water.

“Give me my keys.” She stands there with her hand outstretched. “Now.”

“It was half a date,” I say, crossing my ankles and leaning back against the counter. “Three hours, and it was a double date.”

“I don’t care,” she says, not looking at me. “I want to go home.”

“You care,” I tell her, walking to her as she backs up until her back is pushed to the counter. “It’s pissing you off how much you care.” I push her hair from her face. “Because the thought of you with Alan or anyone else has my blood boiling.”

I lean down to kiss her neck, where I know her heart beats. “I’d break his fucking kneecaps.” I kiss the other side of her neck.

Her hands go from my chest to my neck. “Can you explain to me why one minute I want to run you over frontward and backward, and then the next, I want to kiss you till I have no more air left?”

“If I could explain that, you wouldn’t have any use for me.” I kiss her smile. “Now, I believe I owe your ass some attention.”

“Is that so?” She arches to me.

“Fucking right.” I pick her up, tossing her over my shoulder, and my palm connects with her ass, making even my palm sting.

I wake up the next morning to her alarm blaring, but she’s nowhere to be found. I get up, calling her name. “Crys,” I yell and then hear the shower turn on. I turn off her alarm and walk into the bathroom.

The shower doors are steamed from the heat of the water. I open the door, stepping in with her, and she looks over her shoulder. “Don’t,” she tells me, but I’m too far gone. I smile, grabbing the bar of soap. Rubbing it between my hands, I then rub my hands on her breasts, lathering them with soap. Caressing them round and round as the water cascades over them. My cock aches for me to bend my knees and enter her. I kiss her neck when she grabs the soap from me and then reaches around to lather my dick.

“Fuck,” I hiss, and by the time we get out of the shower, we have two minutes to leave the house. When we pull up together, I thank god no one is outside to see us, so we don’t have to explain anything. The appointments are nonstop till I look up and see that it’s seven thirty. I walk out and see that everyone has gone home. I take out my phone to call Crystal.

“I’m home getting dressed, why?”

“Because I’m going home, and I’m exhausted, and I don’t feel like going out.”

“Okay, so I’ll see you tomorrow,” she tells me.

“You are going to go out without me?” I ask her, shocked but not really.

“Well, I made plans, so I guess that would be a yes.”

“Fine, whatever.” I hang up the phone. “Why the fuck can’t I find a woman who doesn’t fucking piss me off half the time?”

I ask my truck as if the truck is going to answer.

I pull up to my house and walk inside, going straight for the shower. I get out, shaving and putting on my boxers, then head downstairs to grab something to eat. Grabbing some leftover pizza, I sit at the island eating it while I scroll Facebook. I haven’t been on in forever, and I see that Ava posted pictures of our retreat. Some are funny, the ones of me scowling especially, because fuck, did I hate that weekend. I find a good one of me and Crystal. Seeing that she is tagged in it, I go to her Facebook page. Her profile picture is of her looking at the camera and laughing, and she looks so, so happy. She also looks so beautiful. She is, without a doubt, hands down the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen inside and out. I save the picture to my camera roll and see a text come in from Brody.