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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:51:01

I open it up and see it’s a picture, my mouth opening at the picture he sent me. It’s the back of Crystal, that is for sure. I would know that ass anywhere, but her fucking bare back is more than I can take. Another picture comes in, this time of the front with her laughing while she holds up a shot. I drop my phone when I see her fucking outfit.

She’s standing in the tightest pair of fucking jeans ever made to mankind; it’s almost like they are painted on. I mean tight,

which isn’t the problem. It’s the sheer black shirt she has on that is. It’s obvious she isn’t wearing a bra as it ties around her neck. Her breasts are covered by what looks like decals all sheer in the middle, tying around her neck. All ending with black strappy heels that make her legs look so much longer.

Another picture comes in, this time of Darla, Crystal, and Hailey dancing in the middle of the fucking bar. I roll my lips together, running upstairs two steps at a time. “I’m going to cut that top right down the middle,” I say as I wrestle into a pair of dark jeans, grabbing a white button-down shirt and buttoning it while I grab a jacket, slide on my boots, and run to my truck. I think I make it there in record time. I open the door to the bar and see Brody’s big smile when he spots me. “Asshole,” I mutter. I walk toward them and try to keep my anger in check, but with this one, who the fuck can.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” I hiss, standing next to Walker while Brody laughs. Crystal turns around, putting a hand on her hip.

“An outfit.” She glares at me.

“Is that right?” I ask, putting my hands in my back pockets, my eyes boring into her. My eyes roam up and down her, taking her in; my cock really fucking glad she is here.

“I think I need another shot,” she says when she takes in my look.

“I’m so happy I didn’t miss tonight,” Darla says as they take another shot.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom,” Hailey says, grabbing Crystal, and Darla follows them. Brody puts a beer bottle in my hand while my eyes never leave Crystal’s back. Totally fucking see-through. Scissors are the only thing that comes to mind. That, or fucking ripping it in half. Either way, that shirt won’t fucking survive.

I look around to see some people nod at me as I smile and take a pull of the beer. Walker’s receptionist comes over, and I swear I see heart emojis in her eyes directed right at him. I laugh because he hasn’t been with anyone since his wife took off on him, and he’s finally let Hailey in. It’s safe to say he isn’t letting that one go.

I watch the exchange between them. When Hailey returns, I see her realization that he’s off limits. I don’t care; my eyes go to Crystal who makes sure not to get too close to me.

“You want to dance?” I hear Walker ask Hailey, and I put my beer down and walk around them to Crystal.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to come out tonight?”

she asks me as she looks around.

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“You done?” I ask her as she looks up at me.

“I just got here,” she says, smiling, then looking back at me. “But it’s safe to say, I’m ready to leave.” She winks at me. “I mean, that’s if you can give a girl a lift.” I shake my head, laughing at her. See, one minute I want to throttle her, and the next, I want to kiss her face till she melts in my arms. Crystal walks past me swinging her hips, and I make sure to follow right behind her so no one sees. I make it outside and look over my shoulder to see Walker watching me. I salute him while I point at where my truck is parked.

She gets in, buckling in, then turns her back to the door to look at me. “You’re hot when you’re all mad and irritated.”

“Is that why you make me mad?” I ask her, pulling off and making my way to my house.

“No, I make you mad because it’s easy to do.” She laughs, leaning over to kiss my neck. I get out of the truck once I pull up to my house. Walking over to her side, I catch her right as she closes the door. I push her back against the truck door. Gripping her hips, I lean down and kiss her lips, tasting the tequila. She lunges forward to bite my lower lip, and I open my mouth, crushing down on hers. I pick her up, her legs wrapping around my waist, my cock perfectly aligned with her pussy as she rubs herself up and down on it. Her hands in my hair, around my neck, I feel her everywhere. I walk to the kitchen. She lets me go to moan, my mouth kissing her neck as I suck my way from right to left. I put her on the white marble island in the middle of the kitchen. Turning around, I open the drawer and grab exactly what I’m looking for.