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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:51:04

“Oh, dear,” Hailey says, leaving us to walk into the kitchen where I hear everyone laughing and celebrating.

“You need to calm down just a bit.” Crystal comes to me. “They are just happy for us.”

“It’s …” I say, almost stomping my feet. “I haven’t been with you in two days.”

She leans up, kissing my jaw. “You’ll have all the alone time with me later. Besides, we have to have make-up sex.”

“We aren’t having sex until the doctor clears you.” I put my hands on my hips, and I swear I hear my cock moan.

“You are a doctor.” She turns, walking away and looking at me over her shoulder. “So you can clear me.”

As she sways her hips, I look up at the ceiling and start counting to ten, so my cock could compose itself. When I walk into the kitchen, she is sitting on a stool, eating a big plate of lasagna that they brought. I stand here with Brody on one side and Walker on the other while I look over at Crystal as she eats, her eyes glowing with happiness.

When everyone finally leaves, which is about one hour later than my timeframe, I carry her upstairs, her head on my shoulder. “We need to call a doctor and make an appointment,” she says, kissing my neck.

“Already done,” I tell her. “He’s actually coming to the practice tomorrow morning at nine.”

“How?” She raises her head and looks at me. “When?”

“The minute I saw that baby on the screen, I told my father and he pulled some strings. Dr. Sprung is coming in for us.”

“As in the fertility god doctor?”

“Yup,” I say, placing her on the bed. “He and Dad go way back. He owes dad a favor, so he called it in.”

She sits up, propping herself against the pillows. “He’s impossible to get into.”

I smile. “Well, tomorrow morning we have an appointment with him.” I lean over and kiss her.

“I didn’t lie to you,” she whispers, her hand coming out to touch my lower lip with her thumb. “I would never trap you like that.”

“Trap me?” My eyebrows squeeze together. “What the hell are you talking about?”

She looks down and then looks up again. “We’d just met, and I get it. People might think I did this on purpose. I really don’t care.” She moves her hand down to her stomach. “You didn’t ask for this, so if you don’t want it, I understand.”

“What?” I whisper, placing my hand on her stomach. “When you walked away from me and slammed the door, I was coming after you, but Hailey, she told me what I didn’t want to see. That you needed time, that we both needed time to get our thoughts together.” She blinks, and tears fall over her lids. “I went to Walker’s and sat on his couch the whole night, and the only conclusion I came to was I couldn’t live without you.” I smile at her, and my thumb catches one tear. “So I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what anyone says. We are having a baby.” I put my hand on her stomach.

“Yeah, we are.” She nods her head and smiles, her hand going to mine. “We are having a baby.”

I spend the night listening to her breathing, my hand cradling her stomach.

We walk into the office the next day holding hands. “Good morning, everyone,” I say to the nurses at the station when I walk to my office, and she goes to her locker. “Dr. Walker.” I hear Mia say, “Dr. Sprung is waiting in your office.”

“Thank you, Mia. Can you send Crystal in when she comes out?” I tell her, going to my office and opening the door. Dr. Sprung sits on the couch, looking at his phone typing away.

“Dr. Sprung,” I say, going to him with my hand outstretched, “I’m Gabriel Walker.”

He gets up, shaking my hand. “Gabe, nice to meet you.” The door opens, and Crystal comes in. “This must be the mother.”

“Dr. Sprung, this is my fiancée, Crystal.” Her head snaps to me. “Later,” I whisper as she reaches out to shake his hand.

“Thank you so much for coming on such short notice,” she tells him.

“Well, why don’t we get started, shall we?” He points at the door, and we go into the exam room. “If you will undress from the waist down, we’ll get started in just a bit,” he says, going outside to give us some privacy.

“Fiancée?” she hisses. “Really?”

“Can we possibly do this tonight, and not before we see our baby?”

She points at me. “It’s no, I won’t marry you,” she says, her scrubs falling to the floor as she grabs a white sheet and places it on her lap. The knock on the door stops her from almost yelling at me.

“Okay.” He comes in with a paper in front of him. “Why don’t we start at the beginning?”