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Unexpected Love Story (Love 2) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:51:05

“Tired, hungry, happy, excited.” She smiles. “Happy.”

“I’m going to drive into town,” I tell her. “I have to go and buy some stuff to wear.”

“Oh, I want to come.” She sits up, and I stand, holding my hand out to her. “Can we grab a cheeseburger? I’m dying for meat.”

I raise my eyebrows at her. “Not that kind of meat.” She kisses my chin. “Besides, according to the doctor, that meat is off limits.”

“He never said anything about eating it?” I smack her ass while she walks in front of me. She grabs her purse and phone to text Hailey to tell her she is going into town.

“So tell me,” she says while she buckles in, “what happened at the police station?”

“Well,” I say, driving out of town. “According to the police, I was in love with her, and that is the reason Bethany left town.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she says, and I laugh.

“Nope.” I turn to look at her. “And she had texts that I apparently sent to her.”

“She took your phone,” she says to me, and I whip my head around to look at her. “Once, I saw her on your phone in the kitchen. She said you left it there by accident and she would return it.”

“Motherfucker,” I say. “I didn’t even think of that. I usually just leave it in my office.”

I see her shrugging her shoulders. “No clue, but she had it, and I remember because I noticed that ridiculous phone case.”

“The periodic table isn’t ridiculous,” I tell her.

“Whatever. I saw her on it,” she says. “So now what happens?”

“Tonight, I shop for new clothes, beg my girlfriend to sleep over at her house, and then tomorrow, I find two nurses.”

“You never know. The doctor could say I can go back to work.”

“We aren’t risking anything. And by that, I mean”—I glare sideways at her—“you do fucking nothing.”

“Wow,” she pffts out, “with that attitude, you’d better call your mom and tell her to make up a bed since you’re homeless.”

I laugh at her. “Half of me is in you, which means where you are, I am.” I wink at her as she rolls her eyes. “Get used to it, doll face, because we have another five months. Then hopefully the rebuild will be ready just in time for the baby to be born and we can move in.”

“Wow, you have all this mapped out?” she asks.

“Gotta say, doll face, best news I ever got was you carrying my baby.” I pick up her hand, bringing it to my mouth. “So yeah, I have everything mapped out.”

She doesn’t answer me. Instead, she turns her head to look out the window, no doubt sending me to hell, but at least she’s doing it with a smile.

I’m fucking waddling. Side to side like a penguin and I’m enjoying each and every single fucking second. My Crocs squeak while I walk to Gabe’s office, my hand rubbing my stomach while our child kicks. I’m seven months pregnant today, seven months.

So much has changed in the past three months. Hailey moved out to go live with Walker, giving her share of the lease to Gabe, who weaseled his way in. The rebuild of the house that burned down is close to completion. Since the first visit with Dr. Sprung, it’s been smooth sailing, so smooth he said I could work one day a week if I only do light paperwork. So, Gabe was overruled with his ‘over my dead body’ rule, and I work every Wednesday. All in all, he still gets under my skin, but I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

I knock on the door before going in, seeing him sitting behind his desk. “Hey.” I smile at him as he looks up and smiles when he sees me. I walk in and close the door while he walks around his desk. His baby blue dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves with the two buttons at the top opened. His khakis fitting him so perfectly.

Another thing that has been a go is sex. Thank fucking god, too, because with all these hormones, I’m surprised his dick isn’t raw. I just can’t get enough of him, but now with my belly, we’ve had to get creative, to say the least.

I waddle to him as he leans against his desk, his hands coming out to touch my stomach right away. “Hello, doll faces,” he says, leaning in to kiss me and then leaning to kiss my belly. “Someone is active today,” he says when our child kicks his hand.

“Yes.” I nod. “That and I also just finished eating gummy bears.”

He shakes his head, and I step in the middle of his outstretched legs, my hand going around his neck. “It’s not my fault; it’s the baby’s.”

He tries to wrap his hands around my waist but stops at my hips.