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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:34

“Tell me you want my fingers inside you.”

“Yes, please, anything.”

He thrust two fingers into her opening. Her cream eased the way, making the motion smooth. He took his time, exploring her walls, mapping them with his fingertips. “Soft. You’re so soft and hot and tight. God, you’re going to feel like heaven around my cock.”

The walls of her vagina flexed at the promise of being stretched by his cock. Pyroclastic showers of heat shot through her system. Tears pricked behind her eyes, evidence she wouldn’t be able to hold off the strong orgasm building low in her belly.

He added a third finger, stretching her wider as he thrust them in and pulled them out. With his other hand, he smacked her ass to a different, faster rhythm. “Come for me. Don’t hold it in.”

She screamed. The conflicting sensations and rhythms blasted her so far over the edge she lost sight of everything. The world flashed behind a white light.

By the time her senses returned, Kaelen had stopped smacking her ass. He’d slowed the rate of the fingers he thrust inside, drawing out the orgasm as it faded. Her pussy throbbed and her body quivered.

He lifted her and sat down in her chair. The front of her dress fell away, but the bulky sweater still covered her breasts. She curled up on his lap, letting her head fall against his strong shoulder. Unable to move, she watched as he raised his fingers, glistening with her juices, to his mouth and licked them clean.

“I knew you’d taste like heaven.”

Kaelen looked down at the woman in his arms. She watched him with a wide, wondering gaze. Her brown eyes were three shades lighter than he’d ever seen them, and he couldn’t stop the satisfied smile that stretched his lips. He’d done that to her. He’d changed her from a ferocious mountain lion to a purring cat.

And he wasn’t finished yet.

The swell of her hip fit perfectly in the palm of his hand. For that matter, she fit on his lap and in his arms as if she had been made for him.

He traced a slow path up her thigh and over her hip. He followed the slight curve of her stomach, pushing her sweater up and out of the way. She stirred, protesting his attempt to strip away the rest of her clothes.

“You don’t mind me seeing your bottom half naked, but you have a problem showing me your tits?”

She narrowed her eyes and tried to push away, but he held her tight and laughed. “I fail to see what is so amusing.”

He laughed harder. “You. You’re amusing. Such a little firecracker.”

She struggled harder, her ire matching his amusement. “I think we’re done here.”

All laughter fled, and he lasered her with his sudden sobriety. “Oh, no, babe. We’re just getting started. You still have quite the attitude. I can see I have my work cut out for me.”

Her struggles ceased. She sat up in his lap, her spine ramrod straight, and he loosened his grip enough to allow it.

She still had to tilt her chin up to look him in the eyes. “This is just weird. You’re a little too good at this.”

He shrugged, uncertain what she meant. Since he didn’t quite know how to react, he aimed for cocky. She seemed to respond when he behaved like that. “You can’t tell me you don’t appreciate good. I made you scream my name.”

A blush made its way up her neck to stain her cheeks and the tips of her ears. “This is true.” Her lips parted, as if she had more to say, but she pressed them together instead of speaking. Finally she walked her fingers up his arm and paused at his shoulder. “Will I be doing any more screaming?”

He removed the band binding her hair. Using both hands, he ran his fingers through her deep brown tresses, spreading her hair around her shoulders where it fell in soft waves. “Screaming. Begging. If you’re a very good girl, some sobbing.”

Her eyes flared wider. He recognized her struggle to reconcile her need to be perceived as a capable, independent woman with her need to surrender. Kaelen played with her hair, loving the silky feel as it slid through his fingers, and he gave her the time to wage her war. He wanted her. He yearned to let loose his inner alpha male, but he needed her to want that from him.

At last she lowered her gaze. “What happens here stays here.”

If that was what it took, he'd agree. Of course, he’d use all the insights he gained today when he began his quest to win her heart. That would have to wait until they got back to school, though, because he wasn’t going to do anything to interrupt their fantasy day. “Yep.”

She gripped the hem of her sweater and lifted it over her head. It was a swift movement, not slow enough to tease or so fast that he suspected nerves. The stony look on her face hid her exact emotions, but it clued him in to her discomfort.