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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:36

The white button-down shirt had a little pleat in front that made the shirt cup her breasts. It barely covered her midriff, and it was so thin that the white lace demi-bra was easily visible through it. In the subdued bathroom lighting, she could make out the rosy color of her nipples.

Mia spent more than a few minutes staring at the stranger in the mirror. She never wore tight clothes, and she avoided looking into a mirror for longer than necessary. So many years of hiding her figure had spawned a habit not easily broken. Somewhere along the way, though, she had turned into a curvy woman with more than a little hint of sex appeal.

On a whim, she released her hair from the band holding it together. Soft chestnut locks floated over her shoulders. Her eyes appeared larger, and she looked feminine and a little wanton.

Still not the kind of tall, cool beauty she pictured at Kaelen’s side.

She shrugged at the image staring back, turned off the light, and headed to her desk. Having to do actual secretarial work seemed unlikely. This was a sexual fantasy, not an answer to a disorganized person’s prayers. She knocked on the door to let him know she was in position, and then she spread the discarded sweater over the seat to have a barrier between her skin and the leather chair.

Time ticked by as she sat there. For the first time, she became aware of the black-and-white clock hanging over the door and the schick-schick sound it made to mark every second.

With nothing else to do, she gathered the papers from the floor and set them on the desk. The yellow binding of the report holder Kaelen had thrown down earlier caught her attention. She opened the cover and attempted to read the first sentence, but the door flew open.

Turning, she found Kaelen transformed. The jeans and flannel were conspicuously absent. In their place he wore dress pants, a shirt, and a plaid tie that matched her skirt. The man had a thing for plaid.

“Calloway, get your pad and pen, and get your cute little ass in here.”

Mia lifted her brow at his 1970s tone. “My cute little ass? Isn’t that going a bit far?”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

He matched her expression. “You knew the conditions of employment when you accepted this job. You’re my assistant, here to assist me in any and every way I need assisting.”

There was no pad of paper in sight, so she grabbed some of the papers on the desk. If he was serious about her having to write stuff down, she would make notes on the back. A quick glance around the floor helped locate the pencil that had been there earlier. Standing, she beamed a tolerant smile at him. “Well, then I guess I better do what you say, or I’ll find myself out of a job.”

She breezed by him, sailing into the room with her head held high. She glanced around, surprised it wasn't the bedroom she thought she'd find. It was definitely an office.

The door closed behind her, rattling in its frame to protest the force Kaelen had used. “No, but I would have to tie you to the desk to teach you a lesson. That’s a fun way to start the day. If you feel you need a lesson right now, let me know.”

Mia shook her head. Bondage was on her list of things that weren’t going to happen. She just couldn’t see letting a stranger tie her up. Kaelen wasn’t a stranger, but she still wasn’t ready to push her boundaries that far. “I’m good.”

The office appeared pretty generic. A large desk dominated the room. A chair, a mass of black leather, sat behind it, and a set of matching chairs were situated in front. Two file cabinets, several bookshelves, a hope chest, and two armoires lined the room. Windows let in light on two walls.

Kaelen settled into the larger chair behind the desk and pushed a stack of files across. Momentum took the top three to the floor. “Oops. You’ll need to pick those up before you file them.”

She couldn’t stop the are-you-serious look from taking over her face. The sardonic part of her wanted to critique his porno choreography. She reined that part in long enough to kneel down and gather the papers.

Since they were all blank, she shoved them into folders randomly. Glancing up, she found him peering over the desk, supervising her progress by looking down her shirt. “Enjoying the view?”

He winked. “Yep. Ms. Calloway, you have great tits. It’s a shame you hide them behind shirts.”

She wondered if he referred to the bulky clothing she usually wore or if he wanted her to remove the scrap of shirt currently preserving her modesty. She stood up and set the files on the edge of his desk. “Where would you like these filed, Mr. Sebastian?”

He settled back into his seat and pointed at a filing cabinet on his side of the desk, all of five feet away. “Bottom drawer.”

Having spent the past couple of hours naked around Kaelen had made her a little less self-conscious, but the ribbon of a skirt left nothing to the imagination. She crouched down and opened the filing drawer.