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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:36

“Now, Ms. Calloway, we’ve talked about this before. Bend at the waist. It’s better for company morale.”

A glance back at him revealed the distinct absence of his cocky grin. Heat smoldered behind his eyes, and suddenly she wanted to see how long she could tease him before he grabbed her and went wild.

She tried for a coy smile that must have been effective, because his breath hitched. “We can’t risk company morale, Mr. Sebastian.” She stood and tried again, this time bending at the waist. She kept her feet apart for balance, also assuring him a better view. “Is this better?”

“Yes. File slowly. I wouldn’t want you to pull a muscle.”

Sliding the folders into random spots took almost zero brainpower. The heat of Kaelen’s stare manifested as a physical force that caressed her exposed folds, leaving her wet and craving real contact.

When she finished, she faced him and his tented pants. Now she sported the cocky grin. “Did you enjoy the view, Mr. Sebastian? Is there anything else you want filed?”

His gaze raked over her body, repeating the trip a few times. He stroked his hand over the bulge in his pants. Mia had never before seen a man take such pleasure in his desire. “Yeah, file my cock in your mouth.”

The sauciness she had felt moments ago at flashing her pussy for his pleasure faded. She hesitated. Oral sex had been on her list of things she wouldn’t do, not with a stranger. However, she didn’t necessarily want to hold Kaelen to the same restrictions. Maybe. She’d never gone down on a man before. She hadn’t thought her inexperience in this matter would be an issue. Now, faced with the prospect of disappointing Kaelen, she faltered.

“Is there a problem?” He halted the hand stroking his erection.

Gingerly she knelt between his knees and reached for his fly.

He caught her hands and her gaze. “Ms. Calloway, do you have a problem with fulfilling the responsibilities of your job?”

She understood his look to mean he wouldn’t force the issue. This was her choice. “I just… Your order surprised me. That’s all.”

Realization dawned. He blinked hard and squeezed her hands. “No oral. That was one of your limits. I’m sorry. I forgot.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t want to do this with a stranger. I’m okay doing this with you.” She shook off his hold and unfastened his pants. Ample evidence of his arousal sprang forth. Kaelen hadn’t bothered with underwear either. “I’m just not sure what you like.”

He stared at her for so long that she found the courage to meet his gaze. Though his expression was unreadable, she didn’t see any kind of censure. “Touch me with your hands first. I like when you start slow and take your time. Cup my balls. If you’re going to squeeze or roll them around, be gentle. They’re very sensitive. When you add your mouth, start with your tongue. Do that, and you’ll figure out what I like.”

Grasping her cheeks gently, he tilted her face up and brushed the pads of his thumbs against her mouth. He explored her lips slowly and thoroughly, taking his time. When she took a ragged breath, he bent his head and replaced his thumbs with his lips. By the time his tongue entered her mouth, he’d coaxed forth a blaze that spread heat from her chest to her toes.

When the kiss ended and he pulled back, they both took a moment to catch their breath. “Plus, I like to watch you touching me. I might not last too long.”

Emboldened by his kiss and by his detailed encouragement, Mia took his cock in hand. She trailed her fingertips over the shaft, enjoying the smooth hardness and listening for his smallest reactions. His breath hitched when she caressed the cleft at the head and right under the ridge around the crown.

She didn’t spend all her time on those spots, however, reasoning that she had a few that gave her a little more of a jolt, but it was nicer to spread the attention. It ramped up the anticipation factor.

He gripped the arms of the chair. From the corners of her eyes, she saw his nails turn white.

Reaching underneath, she cupped his sac. A casual exploration revealed that he preferred a few kinds of movements, such as when she rolled his balls gently in her palm, more than he liked any particular place caressed. She liked hearing the hisses escape his lips and the way his knees shifted, bobbing against her sides, as he struggled to stay still. Touching him like this, causing these reactions, gave her a heady rush of power that sent heat to her core. She shifted, squeezing her legs together to concentrate the feeling.

When she added her tongue, he groaned. “Fuck, Mia. You’re lethal, babe.”

She didn’t mind the moniker so much anymore, but she was reluctant to call it a term of endearment.