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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:36

She rolled her eyes at his unintentional pun. “Let me guess. You’ll tie me up and spank me?”

He chuckled. “Nope. Spanking was your fantasy. While I’m not opposed to it at all, it doesn’t figure into my fantasy of having you as my beautiful and slutty administrative assistant, tempting you with my potent masculinity, and then making good on my promises.”

She glanced around the room, her keen eyes searching for something. “Where is your jacket?”

Though he knew the person from Oasis who had delivered the food would be long gone—they had a strict policy of not intruding—he wasn’t willing to humiliate Mia, and it was cold outside. He pointed to the top drawer of the filing cabinet.

She snagged his black fleece and left the room. He hoped it smelled like her when he got it back. She wasn’t gone long, but when she returned, she looked puzzled.

“Nobody was there. I mean, I couldn’t even hear a car driving away. That’s a little spooky.” She set a white paper bag on the desk and unrolled the top to open it up. “Oh, goody. I love subs.”

“You like Philly cheesesteak too?” she asked.

“Yeah. Is that what you got?”

She nodded. “This explains why they asked what kinds of food I like. I thought some of the questions were a bit much, didn’t you?”

Kaelen laughed. The questionnaire had asked everything from his shoe size to what color nail polish he preferred to see on his partner’s toes. And those were just the foot-themed questions. “Yeah, but they got it perfect, so I’m not about to complain.”

PERFECT. KAELEN’S ADJECTIVE took Mia by surprise, and she didn’t know why. Her first impulse was to interpret it to mean he found her to be the perfect person to fulfill his sexual fantasies. But that was a little too difficult to swallow. Men as tall, handsome, and charming as Kaelen inevitably ended up with women who matched. Mia had always pictured herself with a man who was about five-seven, a little round in the middle, a little bald on the head, and a little boring in the bedroom. Her last serious boyfriend had been most of those things. His lackluster brown hair hadn’t begun to thin yet, but given that even his mother’s hair was thin, it was just a matter of time.

Mia didn’t have a problem with any of that. Acting out this fantasy through Oasis was her way of sowing her wild oats before she settled down with the man who would tolerate her body and love her brains. He’d want to get married, get their careers firmly launched, and then have a couple of kids. He might not be the kind of man who coached T-ball, but he’d attend all the practices and put his heart and soul into cheering for their son or daughter.

Kaelen likely only meant that things were going well so far. Mia was approaching this assistant fantasy with a sense of humor, and she was committed to the role. He probably appreciated her effort. She definitely appreciated the effort he put into fulfilling her spanking fantasy. Going all out for this part of it was the least she could do.

The unnatural silence in the room brought her mind back to the present. She glanced up at Kaelen. He bit into his sub sandwich without taking his eyes from her.

She sank into one of the two chairs in front of the desk and unwrapped her sub. “So, is this a break, or are we still in our roles while we have lunch?”

Kaelen grinned. “I guess we should take a break. Otherwise I’d have to ask you to take off my flannel, and then the sight of your cleavage and your snatch would mean I couldn’t finish lunch. And I think we both need to refuel for this afternoon. In addition to harassing you some more, I have to do some product testing. You know, actual work.”

Mia had read the scenario script so often she’d committed it to memory. It contained no references to actual work. She swallowed and sipped her drink. “It turns you on to watch someone do secretarial work? Does the tapping of fingers on a keyboard bring back fond cybersex memories?”

His rich laugh filled the room, infecting her with a smile she couldn’t wipe from her face. Several moments passed before he settled down enough to shake his head at her humor. “I bet you’d be good at sexting.”

“I’m taking off my bra. Oh, my nipples are so hard for you.” She approximated mechanical speech the best she could, but sarcasm remained the dominant part of the tone.

Kaelen got into the spirit of things. “I’m hard, babe. Stroking fast. Faster. Fastest. Touch your clit. Come for me.” His dimple manifested, and her thighs trembled despite the deliberate lack of passion in his speech.