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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:37

He removed the clamps, but he didn’t say anything. He circled her areolae with his thumbs. “On the plus side, I could play with them for hours and it wouldn’t irritate or overstimulate you.”

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“Is that your plan?” She lifted a brow, but the blindfold ruined her attempt. She didn’t even know if he noticed it.

“Some other time. But you did make a great suggestion. Lean back. Rest your weight on your hands behind you.”

She gripped his legs just above the knee, aware that the position spread her pussy lips wider. He pinched her clit, and she sucked in air.

“Like that?” He pinched again. She couldn’t tell if he was adjusting his grip or playing with her.

The soft clamp vibrated to life. Its weight stretched her clit, but it didn’t pinch or hurt. The vibrations, closed around her clit like that, made her pussy clench in anticipation. A soft moan of pleasure, a completely involuntary response, sounded in the back of her throat.

“Have you ever told a lover you don’t like your breasts touched?”

The blindfold made her less self-conscious about answering his questions. “No. I don’t mind being touched. It just doesn’t do for me what most men expect it to do. I tend to look for men who like asses or legs better than breasts.” Kaelen’s survey had indicated he found a woman’s ass to be her sexiest feature.

His hands slid up from her hips, finding the sensitive areas on her sides. She breathed in sharply as a shiver shook her body. He played his hands over her flesh, caressing those sweet spots again and again. Then he pulled her forward, jerking her weight from her hands so that she fell against his chest. His mouth closed around hers, and this kiss lacked anything slow or patient.

He crushed her to him and increased the pressure of his hands as he moved them across her back.

The position also pressed the vibrating soft nipple clamp harder against her clit. She moaned into his mouth and ran her hands over his skin, mimicking the way he touched her. Shivers rocked her body and echoed through his. Or maybe they began with him and ended with her. She lost track.

He moved one hand up to grip her hair. He pulled, perhaps harder than he intended, and mumbled an apology as his lips trailed down her neck.

The vibrations seemed to magnify. She felt her clit swell, and she wiggled against the way the heat concentrated there. Tingles shot from the roots of her hair straight to her core. “No, I like when you pull my hair. Not hard, just like this. It… I… Oh God!” The knot of heat burst. A small orgasm pulsed through her body, originating solely from her clit. She shot to her knees, her bottom no longer resting on his legs and her body arching as he pulled harder on her hair.

“God, you’re beautiful. I could watch you come over and over, but right now you’re killing me.”

The clamp slid off her clit. It had to have fallen off because his hands were elsewhere on her body.

His low tone washed through her cells, and he released his hold on her hair and her back. The hum of the clamp’s vibrations stopped. The sounds of the tackle box opening and him rummaging told her he’d returned the toy, and now he searched for another implement to test.

She heard the ripping of foil as she returned to an upright straddle position. Kaelen urged her to lift, and he guided her onto his sheathed cock. The darkness made her hyperaware of sounds and feelings. His soft moan as she slowly slid down the length of his cock. The creak of the bedsprings as she shifted her weight. The rush of liquid heat as he stretched the walls of her vagina.

“You’re in charge. Do what pleases you. Ride me like I’m a dildo.” The sounds of sliding equipment told her he was still rooting around in the tackle box.

“Dildos can move. They change angles.”

He chuckled. “I’m a stationary dildo. You’ll have to tilt your body. Don’t worry. You can hang on to me. I won’t let you fall.”

She wasn’t worried about falling. She was worried about looking stupid. She was worried about getting off on his cock while he watched. What if he didn’t enjoy it as much as she did?

His lips brushed along the line of her jaw. “You think too much.”

She blew out a breath. “What if you don’t like what I like?”

The trail of kisses raised gooseflesh as he made his way down her neck. “Are you really worried about not pleasing me?”

“Well, I don’t want this to be boring for you.” Mia had been bored during sex before, spending time counting cracks in the ceiling while her partner finished doing whatever he was doing. Boring sucked. He sounded amused, but that would change if she couldn’t make him come.