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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:38

He palmed her breasts, but his fingertips rounded her rib cage to feather caresses along her sides. She quivered, inside and out. “Mia, being with you has never, ever been boring. You feel like heaven on me right now, and if you do absolutely nothing, it’s still just a matter of time until I explode inside you. The challenge will be making you come before I do.” He slapped her ass, a move that had more sound than bite. “Now giddyap.”

Throwing her worries to the wind, she rocked her hips forward and back to generate some heat. It felt good, but she would have to do that for hours before she managed to climax. She lifted, letting him slide out about halfway, and then she rolled her hips and pressed down.

Kaelen’s body shuddered, and his grip on her breasts tightened. “You’re so fucking hot, babe. You’re making it very hard to be passive.”

She repeated the move. “Nobody said you had to be passive. I thought you were testing equipment in addition to technique, not in place of.” It took her three thrusts to get all the words out, but by the time she finished, Kaelen was lifting his hips to meet her as she slid back down on him.

The low hum didn’t register until he stroked his fingertips along her ribs again, and they vibrated. Small pads attached to each of his fingers brought a different kind of pleasure to the sensitive places on her sides.

He swept his tongue into her mouth for a searing kiss. After she forgot how to breathe, his talented mouth traveled down her neck to find those places just below her ears that drove her wild. He pulled her hair in time to the rhythm of her ride.

Just as all the sensations combined and Mia teetered on the edge of the cliff, he pressed a vibrating pad to her sensitive and swollen clit. It was too much. Her cry turned to a shriek as the world exploded.

Immediately Kaelen flipped her so that she was on her back beneath him. Registering the firm mattress and the silky sheets, she relaxed, letting the force of her climax wash through her body. He thrust into her, maintaining the same gentle rhythm she used to prolong her orgasm. She wanted to meet his thrusts, but she had no control over her body. At last he buried himself deep and cried out.

She expected him to collapse on top of her, but he didn’t. He thrust several more times before pulling out his softening cock, only to replace it with his fingers. Those vibrating pads drove her to the tip of another peak. She writhed and pushed against him, trying to escape an orgasm she couldn’t control.

With his free hand, Kaelen captured one wrist and pressed it above her head. When she tried prying his fingers away to loosen his grip, he grabbed her free hand and held them both out of his way. She hadn’t consented to being bound or restrained, so she didn’t understand why he would resort to this. However, at the moment, she didn’t much care. She didn’t think he meant to do anything more than prevent her from pushing him away, and she really didn’t want him to stop.

He fucked her with his fingers, massaging them around deep inside her pussy. The pad on his thumb stayed on her clit, and the one on the finger he hadn’t thrust inside pulsed just outside her opening. He’d found a particularly responsive spot completely by accident.

Her body lifted and writhed. She had no control over the ways she moved, and for the first time in her life, she didn’t try to temper her orgasm to preserve her pride. She knew she looked completely wanton and wild, and she reveled in it. That was what this whole fantasy was all about.

“Kaelen, oh, Kaelen.” She repeated his name over and over. Sometimes it came out loud. Other times it managed to only be the movement of her lips.

He worked her faster, not stopping when she screamed, though he did slow his pace to bring her down gently.

She lay there, limp, blinded, and soaked in perspiration. Her body quivered and trembled from the aftershocks of the largest orgasm she’d ever ridden. She wanted to tell him she had nothing but respect and appreciation for any man with enough balls to use toys like that, but she hadn’t yet regained the ability to speak.

The bed squeaked and dipped as he got up. The door opened and then closed, and she assumed he had gone to take care of the condom. When he returned, he flopped onto the bed, throwing himself so that he landed half on top of her.

He kissed her cheek. “Babe, in case you missed it, I had no problem coming.”

She wanted to respond. Her mind formed ideas, images, and feelings, but she wasn’t to the point where she could form coherent words.

“Speechless.” He chuckled. “I’ll have to note your reactions for my research, Ms. Calloway. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never seen a woman move like that. Are you double-jointed?”