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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:39

He thought back over his wish, and puzzle pieces fell into place. “You wished for a couple days on the beach too?”

She stared at him for a minute before sinking down to sit on the edge of the bed. “I guess they meant for us to spend the whole weekend together.”

Kaelen parked his suitcase next to a wall and peered around the room. He hadn’t expected anything too fancy. It was nice but not lavish. It had a kitchenette, a small dining table, a sofa, coffee table, and a king-size bed. This wasn’t making complete sense. Some parts he understood.

“They didn’t ask questions about this part, but they only gave us one bed.” Then he realized she had been here for a few hours. “And why didn’t they have us fly together? I had a two-hour layover in Atlanta.”

She shrugged. “Maybe they went the bargain route on your wish.”

He shoved his hand in his pocket for something to do that would make him feel less out of place. “I got it for free, as a thank-you.”

“A day of fantasy sex and a weekend in the Caribbean. That’s some thank-you. What did you do?”

Hefting his suitcase, he put it on the bed and opened it up. Might as well brush his teeth and get into his pajama pants. “My job. Look, I’m beat. What do you say we get some sleep and talk about this in the morning?”

She looked away and nodded.

She listened to the sounds of water running in the bathroom as Kaelen got ready for bed. This wasn’t real. She’d been thinking about him, wishing they had the whole weekend together, when the door had opened and in walked the man of her fantasies.

When he emerged a few minutes later and approached the bed from the other side, she watched and wondered what he was doing. Then she remembered. One bed. She jumped up and grabbed her pillow. “Since I’m shorter, I guess I’ll sleep on the couch.”

He snagged her pillow from her grip and tossed it back on the bed. “It’s a big bed. I don’t snore, but I do tend to pull the covers when I turn. Just yank them back. I’ll let go.”

With that, he slid under the sheet. His eyes closed before his head hit the pillow.

“Kaelen?” She poked at his shoulder, but he was sound asleep. “Well, I guess that answers that question.” He wouldn't be making a move on her tonight.

She woke in the warm cocoon of his embrace. He’d nudged his knee between her thighs, and he held her close with one arm. His bare chest pressed against her back, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal except her nightgown had ridden up. Most of his arm rested on her exposed skin, but his hand had crept under her gown to cup her breast.

How many times had she dreamed of waking like this? She tried to stay as still as possible, but he stirred. He eased his hand from her breast, extracted his knee from between her thighs, and rolled away.

“I thought you said you didn’t hog the bed.”

His nervous laugh didn’t lack for charm. “I don’t usually. I must find you attractive.”

More likely he’d just responded to having a warm body nearby. She closed her eyes. “You can have the bathroom first. I’m not ready to get up.”

When she woke again, it was to the smell of fresh coffee. She opened her eyes to find Kaelen regarding her with that dimpled half grin. He held a steaming mug in one hand and a plate of assorted breakfast goods in the other.

“They were closing down the continental breakfast, so I snagged a few things for you. I didn’t know what you might be in the mood to eat, but I’ve seen you make coffee. Two sugars, right?”

“Thanks.” She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. He set the coffee on the bedside table and put the plate in the kitchenette. She stretched and helped herself to the coffee. Hot, with just a touch of bitter. It woke her right up.

“And I talked to the manager. They’re booked solid, so we’re going to be roommates for another night.”

Mia frowned into her cup. She wouldn’t mind spending the weekend with him, in or out of bed, but she hadn’t shared that secret part of her fantasy with Oasis. No way would she have wanted to end up spending time with some stranger just because they’d screwed one another’s brains out.

“I got the coffee wrong?”

“No. I was just wondering how they could have messed this up. They were pretty thorough with everything else.”

He pulled the cord to open the drapery covering the slider. They had a balcony. “I think we can make the best of it, don’t you? We have about thirty hours before checkout. I was going to go windsurfing this morning. Want to go?”

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Mia shook her head. “I have no sense of balance. I’d rather just swim than spend time climbing out of the water.”