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Out of My League Michele Zurlo 2022/8/3 13:51:34

“Why do you wear such baggy clothes?”

She didn’t feel the need to dignify that with an answer. This was a scene, not a date. His jeans weren’t tight, and those flannel shirts didn’t advertise the iron muscles she felt when he held her to him. She threw the question back. “Why do you wear baggy clothes?”

A loud crack rent the room. Mia started more at the sound than the feel of his hand smacking her ass. He rubbed his palm over the spot where he’d struck, spreading heat like body butter. “Don’t worry. I’ll help adjust this attitude of yours.”

Planting her hands on the desktop, she pushed up. He countered with the heel of his hand pressing between her shoulder blades. Another smack landed on her bare bottom.

“Stay down, babe. If you’re good, I’ll make you come. If you’re not, I’ll tie you to this desk and keep you on the edge until I feel you’ve begged enough. Your choice.”

Mia didn’t want to fight. The small part of her that wanted to resist only protested on the grounds that it might be difficult to face Kaelen afterward. But he’d promised that what happened in this cabin stayed in this cabin. She relaxed, turning her head to rest her cheek against the coolness of the wood beneath. “I’ll be good.”

“That’s what I thought.”

He smacked each cheek once. A pleasant heat began to bloom. This wasn’t Mia’s first spanking, not by any stretch of the imagination. She’d dated a man who liked to give erotic spankings. It was the only time she experienced a climax with him, and she’d lingered in the relationship far longer than she should have. He had stayed in it for the same reason. They had nothing in common except for their love of spanking.

Just like her and Kaelen.

Another sharp slap brought her back to the present. “I know that look on your face. Focus. Keep your attention on me and what I’m doing, otherwise I’ll have to teach you manners as I adjust your attitude.”

His hand landed on her ass again and again, forcing her to pay attention to the exquisite heat barreling through her system. Of its own volition, her ass lifted after each blow, seeking the return of the sting radiating across her skin.

Kaelen stroked his fingertips over her hot, quivering flesh. She whimpered in response. He didn’t hurry his foray. If anything, he slowed his strokes, drawing them out along a longer path. One by one, her muscles relaxed. Tension drained from her shoulders. She sank against the desk, no longer straining to touch the ground with her toes.

His finger slid along her slit, teasing the edges of her labia. The tip of her clit, enlarged and throbbing, peeked out. He brushed against it lightly, lingering long enough that she knew he was bent on tantalizing her. “So wet. You’re dripping. Would you like me to touch your clit?”

As if it could hear his offer, her clit swelled even more. “Yes.”

The heat of his hand withdrew, but it came back quickly. He centered the blow over her swollen lips. She yelped, but she didn’t protest. Heat bloomed.

“Attitude, babe. That’s no way to ask for a favor.” He delivered another series of slaps, all of them falling on her ass and upper thighs.

Her pussy dripped, silently pleading for attention. She couldn’t help but beg for relief. “Please touch my clit.”

Those lethal fingertips returned to caress paths over her burning ass. “Do you need it?”

“Yes. Oh please. I need you to touch my clit.” Need made her entire body tremble. She’d beg any way he wanted.

His finger grazed the tip of her clit too lightly to do more than tease. “Like this?”

“Harder. Please. Oh, please touch it harder.”

He pressed, squishing it at such a leisurely rate that she felt every single way the sensitive nub changed shape. She moaned and struggled to keep her hips from thrusting against his hand.

“You’re trembling.” He rotated the pressure of his finger, widening the circles until he traced a path around the little nub. “I think you need to come.”

“Yes.” Breathless permission fell from her lips, a plea she hoped he’d heed.

“You were wearing a dress like this the first time I saw you, teaching that class for Brindley. Everyone said you were a better instructor. You are, but I had a hell of a time concentrating on what you were saying. I was too busy thinking about tearing off your clothes, bending you over my lap, turning your ass pink, and fucking you. Slow. Fast. Hard. Gentle. Change it up until you lost your mind and screamed my name.”

“Kaelen,” she whispered, a sound halfway between a whimper and a plea. “Please make me come.”