Love and Candy Canes

author:M.K. Moore Genre:romance Last update time:2022/8/3 13:52:13

Savannah Echols, celebrity chef, is tired of being alone, but also tired of guys who play games. So naturally, she is leery of the handsome man she meets at the beach. Emmerich Tresoro, heir to the Tresoro Family Ice Cream Co., sees her from the boardwalk in Atlantic City and sets out to claim her. One look and he is done. He is not above using her weakness, an ice cream his company discontinued, to win her heart. Grown men don’t play games, they claim what’s theirs. The Candy Cane ice cream isn’t the only thing melting this July. Will Savannah scream for ice cream or Emmerich? Since this is a smutty sweet treat, I’d bet on both. This is a safe, HEA, short story with an alpha who never shares.