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Love and Candy Canes M.K. Moore 2022/8/3 13:52:01

“I am sorry, baby. I had no idea. I should have made this first time better for you,” he says.

“That was perfect. Really,” I tell him. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying first time.

“Let’s get you home,” he says.

“Stay with me?” I ask, not wanting this to end.

“Forever, Savannah. Forever.” The way he says it tells me all I need to know. This is real. This is going to be everything. It’s crazy fast but I am going with it.

I don’t know how it happened but going to the beach the other day changed my life in the best possible way. I’ve fallen in love with a man. The first man who didn’t make me question everything about him. Sometimes the first man you notice is the right man and that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I love this man with my whole heart, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I love that she was pure for me and me for her. Though I never expected that, she’s too damn beautiful. This is what forever is made of. Leaving the office, I take her back to my place. Once in bed, I make love to her all night long. Falling asleep with her in my arms after thoroughly loving her was amazing.

The plan I was formulating earlier is starting to come together. In the morning, I head into work while Savvy heads to the morning show is doing today, As soon as I get into the office, I call Rob, the head of Research and Development. I get him working on an improved version of Candy Cane Delight. I have an epic plan in mind. Leaving my office, I go across the hall to my dad’s.

“Hello, son,” he says looking up from his computer.

“Hi dad. I need to talk to you,” I say sitting in one of the chairs opposite his desk.

“Two things. Savannah would like to do a reality show here in the factory. I told her I needed to talk to you about it.”

“That could be good for business,” he says smiling. “I say go for it. And the second thing?”

“I need Grandma Tresoro’s engagement ring,” I say after taking a deep breath. He opens his desk drawer and sets an old ring box in front of me. “You keep it in the office?”

“Of course not. I went and got it out of the safety deposit box this morning. I saw the way you were looking at her on Saturday night. I figured you’d be asking me sooner rather than later.”

“I love her, dad. I didn’t think I’d ever love someone the way I love her.”

“That is the way it should be. Nothing else should even factor in. You do whatever it takes to get the one you love,” he says smiling.

“Thanks dad. I also pulled Candy Cane Delight back into production. I have an idea and I think it will do much better this time around.”

I don’t add that I think it will do better because of her, but I think he knows that anyway. I spend the rest of the day working on my plan and not on any actual work.

At noon she calls me. I smile when I answer.

“Hey baby. How was the show?”

“Really good. They made me an offer.”

“Wow, baby. Is that something you want?”

“Yeah. I think it is. Local news was never on my radar, but I think that is where I want to be. The other shows will work around me, which is perfect.”

“Congratulations. We should celebrate tonight. I will be home around five. Meet me at my place.”

“That sounds good. What are you thinking?”

“Steak and all the fixings?” she asks, looking for my input.

“Perfect. I love you,” I say.

“I love you too,” she says hanging up.

For a long time, I stare at the phone. She is absolutely perfect for me. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but I know in my soul, she’s mine. Her curves, and her personality are just icing on the cake. I can’t wait to ask her to be mine. Not that I’ll give her a chance to say no.

It should be interesting.

I haven’t left his house in three whole days. I think it’s safe to say that I live here now. The blindfold over my eyes is confusing and I am freezing, but Emmerich says this will be a fun surprise. Did I mention that I hate surprises?

“Are you ready, Savvy?” he whispers in my ear before kissing my neck.

“Yes,” I breathe. He has me wet already and the blindfold only intensifies that. Geez, I wonder if he is into kinky stuff. I could be for him.

He places something cold and round in my hands and then removes the blindfold. Looking down I see a ring sticking out of a pint of ice cream. Not just any ice cream. It’s Candy Cane Delight. I squeal, forgetting about the ring for a minute, until I look at him and see that’s he’s down on one knee. My mind goes blank.