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Love and Candy Canes M.K. Moore 2022/8/3 13:52:02

Her father, Walt, is standing next to her, bringing her to me. Then she is before me, our hands clasped. The minister does his thing and then we are married. At the end of the ceremony, Paris and Friedrich walk out together. There’s something there, their argument at the rehearsal dinner proved that, but as Paris is underage, I know that will have to wait. My brother is the least patient man I’ve ever known so this should be fun to watch, but not today. Today is about Savannah and me.

Everything is happening in the blink of an eye, but at the end of the day it’s just us. We leave the tent that we set up for the reception.

Hand in hand, we stroll along the beach barefoot.

“I am so happy right now,” she says breathlessly. In the pale moonlight, she looks like an angel.

“Me too,” I reply stopping in order to kiss her.

“What was that for?” she asks grinning. I can just make her features out due to the moon’s brightness.

“Because I had to. Because I can’t resist you. Because you are mine and I’ll never stop kissing you. You’re mine.

“Oh wow,” she says before kissing me again.

I lead her down to a secluded alcove. It’s past midnight and we are the only ones on the beach. I take my jacket off and lay it down in the sand as a makeshift blanket. She drops down on it gracefully. Sitting down next to her, I pull her into my arms. We aren’t leaving for our honeymoon until six in the morning, so I am all about spending the rest of the time we have here with her. We can sleep when we get to Maui. I kiss her lips, down her jaw, and slowly untie the knot of her dress of at her neck. It falls to her waist and her perfect tits are revealed to me. I bury my face in her chest sucking one nipple into my mouth and then the other. I find the end of her dress and run my fingers up her leg. I find she’s not wearing panties and I grin. She’s wet and ready for me, but I can’t help teasing her folds. She opens my pants and pulls my cock out stroking it. Groaning, I remove my fingers from her pussy and push her back on the sand. Her grip is gone from my cock. Pushing her dress up to her waist, I kiss her pretty pussy. Her hands grip my hair, hard and she pulls me away.

“Alright, I get it,” I say, chuckling. She smiles at me.

“Oh, good. I need more.” I line my cock up with her opening and rest it there. I could come just from this.

“I love you, husband.” I close my eyes and let that sink in as I sink into her. I am her husband now. I have a wife. As I make love to my wife, I realize that everything I have ever wanted has happened.

Every day with this woman is better than the last and I can’t wait for all the rest of them.

“Just like that,” I moan as quietly as possible while my sexy husband eats my pussy like a motherfucking boss. I used to hate that he was so good at this, but now that I know it’s all for me and it’s only ever been for me, I am a bit more relaxed. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that I am well on my way to my fourth orgasm of the night.

Our daughters, Era, and Patience are already down for the night, hence us being as quiet as possible. Our house is huge, but even so, we don’t want to scar them for life. Our two toddlers are our pride and joy, but the nights are just for us. My husband is methodical and tender at the same time. He treats me like a queen and a whore. Why do I like that so much? I should be offended or ashamed or something, but that isn’t the case. Not even close. He likes to make sure I am super wet and ready to handle that massive cock of his. Just thinking about it has my mouth dry. I swallow thickly. I think about him pushing into me over and over and that speeds up this orgasm. Like it’s on hyperdrive. God, I am such a nympho, but this man has turned me into this.

When I come again, I have to push his head away from me. He places soft kisses up my torso and up to my aching nipples. He is gentle until he reaches my lips. Brutally, he kisses me. Immediately, I taste my juices which causes me to moan. His thick beard is soaked from my essence and it turns me on even more.