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Love and Candy Canes M.K. Moore 2022/8/3 13:52:02

Underneath me, Emmerich flexes his hips, reminding me that he’s still hard as a rock inside of me. I grin and kiss his pec, the pec that has my name tattooed on it, before lifting up. My hair flows down around us as I begin to move. When I am on top, I feel powerful. His big hands cup my boobs, pinching my nipples just how I like. He knows my body so well and I know his. Every scar on him has been analyzed by me.

“Come on baby, milk my cock,” he demands so I speed up my movements. I need more. I need him to take control. Only he gets me off so good.

“Rickey, please,” I beg, moving my fingers to circle my clit. Just as I get a good rhythm going, he grabs my wrist forcefully, pulling my hand away from my cunt.

“That is my fucking job, Savvy. You know that,” he says gripping my hips and flipping us over. I am on my back again, looking up at him. He’s not moving, but he pulls out of me. He’s so handsome. He’s strong. So strong. I can see the corded muscles rippling in his arms, his neck. I can feel them on his back. I am enthralled by him and I am the luckiest woman in the world for I am the only one who gets to say he’s all mine. “It is my pleasure,” he says kissing me. “My honor.” Another kiss. “My right to make sure you come. Do not deny me this Savannah Hayley Tresoro.”

“I’m sorry, Rickey,” I say my eyes pleading with him. He grins and kisses me again.

“I love you, too Rickey,” I say immediately, and I am rewarded with him slowly entering me. So slowly. Too slowly. I move my hips and my fingers grip his forearms. My scratching the hell out of him finally gets him moving. I can already tell this is going to be a fast fuck. Reaching down, he rubs and pinches my clit until I am going off like a geyser. Forgetting myself, I shout his name over and over until he clamps a hand over my mouth.

“Shh, pretty baby,” he says thrusting a few more minutes before he finally comes again. Pulling out of me, he moves to his side of the bed.

“That was amazing,” I gasp. It’s hard to breathe, my hair is in sweaty tendrils all around me on my pillow.

“It always is, Savvy and it always will be,” he says. I love how sure of that fact he is. I agree wholeheartedly.

I fall asleep, but I wake up a little while later. I’m still naked, but Emmerich has thrown on some pajama pants. The girls have a habit of starting out in their rooms but ending up in ours. I pull on his robe from the bench at the foot of the bed. Going down the hall I check on Patience first. Her room is the closest to ours. She isn’t there, so before I panic, I check the next room and find her on the other bed in her sister’s room. They are both on their tummies one leg kicked out of the covers. You can definitely tell they are related. Softly chuckling, I pull the door closed and go into the kitchen. I need a drink now. My throat is so dry. I am standing in front of the open fridge drinking a glass of water when Emmerich comes up behind me. He wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles my neck.

“Come back to bed, baby,” he murmurs.

“In a minute. I am starving,” I say pulling out leftovers from dinner.

“That sounds good,” he says helping me get it all out. I heat the baked potato, but the steak I want cold. This is the first pregnancy craving I have had, and I am going to savor it.

After devouring our late-night snack, we walk back to bed hand in hand.

“Man, I am so tired,” I say before climbing back into bed.

“Get that robe off, Savvy. I need to fuck my kid into you.”

“Too late,” I say without thinking.

“I am already pregnant. Your job here is done.” I snuggle under the covers and move closer to him.

“Fuck yeah, but my job is never done.”

Later, after more epicness, I am half laying on him and half on my side of the bed. I know that I am drooling on his arm, but he doesn’t care.

“When will my son be here?” he asks groggily. I can’t help smiling into his arm. He is such a guy.

“Seven months and it could be another little princess,” I say reminding him of that fact. We seem to produce girls. Being a girl mom is fun, but a little spitting image of Emmerich running around would be just as awesome.