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Love and Candy Canes M.K. Moore 2022/8/3 13:52:03

“I don’t know if I can,” I say tucking my cock back into my slacks.

“I have several reasons, Savvy. Several.”

“Give me one,” she says.

“He’s,” I start to say but she cuts me off.

“I want to hear a good one.”

“Fine. He won’t be able to take care of her.” I know that I am starting to sound like a petulant child.

“Really?” she asks. “He has a great job and a trust fund that rivals hers. He built her a house, just down the street. How can he not take care of her?” she demands, hands on her hips.

“I don’t mean money. I mean in ways that matter.”

“He can. You’ve done your job, Rickey. You really can let her go.”

“Will he be able to protect her?” I ask sitting on the bench at the foot of the bed, burying my head in my hands.

“Emmerich, you know he can. He loves her and their baby.” I jerk my head up.

“What baby?” I demand.

“Shit, sorry. I wasn’t supposed to tell you,” she says coming to stand in between my legs automatically my hands go to her hips and my head on her belly. Her hands tangle in my hair as she rubs my head, trying to calm me. It’s working. Her touch has that effect on me.

“He got my baby pregnant?” I ask, barely whispering.

“Calm down, they are getting married in three hours. It’s okay.”

Fuck, I have to let this go, don’t I?

“You do,” she says softly. I didn’t realize I said that out loud.

“Fine,” I say reluctantly.

We finish getting ready and climb into the town car that will take us to the Borgata hotel where the girls have been since last night. Era opted to not have a bachelorette party per se because she wanted Dream to be able to participate. They spent the night in the honeymoon suite with the other bridesmaid, Daria. The wedding and reception are taking place in the ballrooms right at this hotel. My fatherly duties are limited, but already this wedding is so much more intricate than when I married Savvy. To each their own, I guess.

When the time comes, my not so little girl takes my arm and I walk her down the aisle to her future. When the ceremony is over and all the pictures are taken, I head straight for the bar. Two bourbon and Cokes later, I am feeling much better. After dinner, I watch my wife mingle with the guests. She looks amazing in her gold strapless dress, it goes to the floor, and her heels are strappy and high.

My cock hardens at the thought of her wearing only those shoes while she lets me eat her pussy for hours. As if she can sense my thoughts, her eyes suddenly meet mine. I tilt my head towards the door, and she gives me a slight nod. I walk out of the ballroom following the sway of her ass. It’s hypnotizing. I should have gotten a room for the night, but it didn’t actually cross my mind that I would be filled with the sudden need to fuck her, though I should have anticipated it. We make it to the reception in record time. I feel like a fucking teenager. I get us a room, any room.

“Wait. What about Dream?” she asks quickly.

“Patience is going to take her home and stay with her.”

“Now, back to the business at hand,” I growl taking her hand and leading her from the elevator.

Going to the fourteenth floor, I take her to room 1410. Swiping the key card, we in the room in seconds. She takes my tie off as we kiss. Unzipping her dress, I let it fall to the fall. Breaking the kiss, I drag her slip up her legs and torso in order to pull it off. I do it slowly and seductively. At fifty-two, I shouldn’t be able to fuck her as many times a day as I do, but because it’s her, the love of my life, I can. Her little bra is gone in seconds and she went without panties.

“Bad girl,” I mumble kissing over the line of her jaw.

“You love it,” she says before kissing me again.

“I really do,” I say lifting her away from the pooled dress and tossing her on the bed. She bends her legs at the knee, her shoes sparkling in the soft light of the room. Gripping her thighs, I part her legs. Her glistening pussy is gorgeous. I lick my lips. I need her more than life itself.

“I love this pussy,” I growl.

“She loves you too,” she says giggling.

“Someone had a little too much champagne,” I say chuckling.

“Maybe. What are you gonna do about it?” she challenges me.

“What am I not going to do about it?” I remove the rest of my clothes quickly. I stroke my cock looking down at her. Her pink-tipped fingers rest palm down by her thighs. She looks amazing, just lying there waiting for my touch. I drop to my knees and bury my face in her pussy. She tastes sweet and delicious. I lick her from her clit to her ass. When I slide two fingers into her slick opening, she moans. “Come for me, Savvy,” I demand and within seconds she does. Standing, I stroke my cock again to stop myself from coming.