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Love and Candy Canes M.K. Moore 2022/8/3 13:51:59

“What’s the matter?” I ask, looking down at her on knees in front of me. Fuck, it’s taking all of my strength not to do something crazy, like ask this beautiful goddess to marry me, now.

“My keys aren’t here. My wallet is, but not my house keys. I left my car keys inside where I have a spare key. I am going to have to call the super,” she says.

“I’ll wait with you,” I reply. There is no fucking way I am going to leave her alone while she waits for someone to come help here.

“You really don’t have to, Rickey,” she says smiling. That is the first time anyone has ever called me anything other than Emmerich.

“I will. Or we could go to my place. It’s only about twenty minutes from here.”

“That would be wonderful. I really wish I had something to wear other than this bathing suit.”

“I am sure that I can find you something,” I say, my cock hardening yet again at the thought of being with her. I kneel down and help her put all the stuff back in the bag and shoulder it again.

Once again, we take the elevator, but I keep my hands to myself. There is no way I can keep this raging hard on from her. I don’t want to scare her. We walk out of her condo and onto the street. My car is in a valet lot just up the block. In silence we walk there hand in hand. I give the attendant the ticket and wait rather impatiently for him to return. When he does, she whistles.

“It’s gorgeous,” she says sitting in the passenger seat after I open the door for her.

“Thanks. I restored it myself,” I say as I slide into the driver’s seat. I pull out onto the street and take off towards home. She rests her hand on my thigh just above my knee. Any damn higher and she’d land on my cock. Her hand is hot and small, and I want her touching me everywhere.

I don’t really know what I am doing here, but I know that I want her. I am craving her. She sits quietly as we go from the city further into the suburbs. My house is just off the highway. It large and set back off of the road. I just had it built and have only been staying in it for the last week. It’s got food, a bed, and my clothes but that is about it. I pull into my driveway and hop out of the car. Going around to her side, I open the door and help her out.

“Thank you. That ride was so cool,” she says, laughing. Her wind-blown hair looks so inviting. We walk up the cobbled pathway and onto the porch.

“Come in,” I say unlocking the door and letting her pass me into the front hall.

“Um, there is nothing in here,” she says giggling. “Is this were you kill me and bury my body in the backyard?” She is still laughing.

“Killing you and burying you is the very last thing that I want to do with your body,” I say kissing her again until she is breathless.

“Yeah, okay,” she whispers. “Can I freshen up?”

“Right. Of course. This way,” I say leading her to my bathroom. “Towels are in the closet. I am afraid I don’t have anything for women here, but you are welcome to anything you find.”

“Don’t bring a lot of women home with you?”

“Well, no. Never actually.” I answer honestly.

“Ah, you are the love ‘em and leave ‘em type then?” she asks.

“I don’t understand,” she says.

“Oh, Savvy. You are the only woman I will ever be with,” I declare, kissing her jawline. She shivers.

“Rickey, please.” She begs, but I can tell she doesn’t know what for.

“Shower, baby. I’ll get us some wine.”

Though I want her more than anything, I still have some control. I want her to be comfortable with me, because when I take her, I am never letting her go.

Three short hours in her company and my whole future is before my eyes. Thank fuck it’s with her.

I feel like every single nerve in my body is on fire. He does things to me. I feel like if I don’t come right now, I am going to explode. Was he really telling me that he’s a virgin to? Is there any way that is true? I don’t get the feeling that he’s lying to me, but has he seen himself? I turn the massive shower on and while it’s heating up, I shed my cover-up and my bathing suit. Though it’s dry, I hang it up on a towel rack. Stepping into the shower, I let the hot water cascade over my body. It feels amazing. My skin is super sensitive right now, like it knows it’s about to be touched or something. I am keyed up. I want to touch my aching pussy so bad, but I think it should be just for him. It’s absolutely insane how much I want to give myself to him. At this point it’s almost a need. Shaking my head and moving on, I open his soap and smell it. I am going to love smelling like him. I use one of the washcloths that are neatly folded on the ledge and lather my body. The salt, sand, and general grittiness of the day wash away until I feel infinitely better. His shampoo is simple and the same brand I use, so I wash my hair twice. I finish up without too much delay. I get out of the shower and try to wrap myself in his plush grey towel, but it doesn’t quite meet on the other side.