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Love and Candy Canes M.K. Moore 2022/8/3 13:52:01

The whole way to my house, I am distracted. I know I should be paying attention to the road, but I am focusing on my girl. She is wearing a knee-length dress with thin straps and a pair of flip flops.

Forty minutes later, I park in my spot in front of the factory. My office is on the top floor, but for now, I am going to going to give her a guided tour of the factory.

Since it’s Sunday, there is only a skeleton crew. They are just monitoring the ice cream machines. Packaging is done Monday thru Saturday.

“I am so excited. This kind of stuff fascinates me,” she says practically skipping.

“I am so glad.” Our hands are entwined, and I am never letting her go.

“We only use the finest quality in our ingredients. These are some of continuous freezers we use. We have ten rooms that look like this one.” It’s wall to wall machines.

“What about the mixing? Where is that done. I don’t mean share the recipe with me, I just want to see how you do it.”

“Sure, that’s just down the hallway.”

“I am all ears,” I reply leading her.

“I want to do a reality show here. Like the day to day operations. I’d come in and learn every aspect. There is still stuff I would need to work out with the network, but what do you think?”

“I love it. I am sure my parent’s and my brother will be too.”

“Really? Awesome. Okay. Show me more.”

We finish the tour by going to the tasting room. The walk-in freezer is stocked to the gills with each of the twenty-seven flavors.

“What would you like?”

“Since I can’t get the candy canes, I’ll take chocolate.”

“Coming right up.” A plan starts to form as I scoop up some chocolate for her and strawberry for me.

“Where is your office?” she asks taking a long lick of her cone. Fuck. My cock hardens at the completely innocent yet lewd act.

“Upstairs. Would you like to see it?”

“Yes,” she says simply.

Ice cream in hand, I lead her to the elevator. Hitting the button, up we go. My office is neat and tidy, with a large desk and two sofas in the center of the room that face each other. She sits on the couch, kicks her shoes off and crosses her legs. She makes my mouth water. She finished her ice cream cone on the way up and now she’s in my space, looking like she wants more than a friendly chat and I am going to give her what we both want.

I want this. I need this. I need him. I have craved it since the second we met, but for whatever reason the timing wasn’t right, but it is now. He stalks toward me and for some reason, I stand. Our lips meet in a clashing of teeth and tongue. His t-shirt is gone in an instant and I don’t know how it happened. My dress is gone, and my panties are no match for his strong grip as he rips them off of me. I gasp and feel myself getting wetter and wetter as each second passes. I fall backwards on the couch and watch as he takes his jeans off. That cock is a shock every time I see it.

Gripping his cock, I stroke it up and down. It’s huge and hard. It’s an angry purple color and I want it inside me, making me come. Making me his. He kisses down my body and then buries his face in my soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck. You taste even better than last time,” he groans, and I grin. It doesn’t take long. I am coming before I even know what hit me. He lines himself up with my opening and leans down to kiss me again. I love his lips on mine.

“I love you,” he says surprising me. He doesn’t move or say anything. I get the feeling he won’t either, not until I reply. Good thing I love him too.

“I love you too,” I reply, and he grins beginning to move slowly into me. I need more, much more, so I push my hips forward and take him inside of me. He breaks through my virginity, which hurts, but I don’t care. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I spur him on. He fucks into me over and over. My thighs quake as I come. He kisses me again, moving down my chest, he takes my nipple into his mouth, biting it gently. I scream his name as I come again. I didn’t even know that could happen. I feel him come inside of me, his cock twitching. All I can think about is having his babies. Lots and lots of babies right along with lots and lots of practice. I will never get enough of this. I wince when he pulls out of me. He notices and touches my cheek. More than anything, I want him back inside me.