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Broken Love Story (Love 3) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:53:49

One minute, I’m having pizza, and the next, I’m rushing back to my truck, kissing Hailey goodbye, and hightailing it to Samantha’s house.

I had no idea that when I pulled up to Hailey’s cottage on the beach, I would find such a different person. She was not even the old Hailey; she was a better Hailey. I thought I would have to snap her out of it, but she smiled and laughed and looked in love. Then I found out why when a soft knock came, and I found her in Jensen’s arms.

I hated being the one to break her out of that when I gave her the letter. Actually, she didn’t even fucking take the letter; she just left. Lucky for me, Jensen came and made her okay, brought her back to center. She took the letter to her room and then told me we were eating pizza for dinner.

I sat at the table with Hailey and Jensen, who showed up with his adorable daughter. Not only did my sister fall in love with Jensen, but she was also head over heels for Mila.

Crystal was also doing well and came in with Jensen’s cousin, Gabe, who was also her boss. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was more to that story, and I made a note to ask her about it when we got home.

Then my phone rang, and I went outside to take it. I had been calling Samantha for two days now with no answer, but her voice was unrecognizable. The hairs on my neck stood up right away. Then she asked me to be a character witness, and my mind was going around and around.

“My in-laws are suing me for custody of the girls,” she said so quietly I was afraid I misunderstood her. “They are going to take my babies away from me.” My blood ran cold and only one thing went through my mind was over my dead fucking body would someone take the girls away from her.

“I’m on my way,” I say, disconnecting then telling Hailey there was an emergency. I didn’t mention anything because I didn’t have time to tell her about Samantha. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share her yet.

I got in my car, thankful she is halfway between Hailey’s home and my home. I pull up in her driveway around eleven. I don’t even have to call her because she’s standing at the door. Leaning against it, she watches as I put the truck in park, get out, and walk up the stairs to her. Taking her in my arms right away, I hold her while she cries. Quietly, I pick her up around her waist and bring her inside the house. “It’s going to be okay,” I tell her while I hold her. “Let me see what they sent you,” I ask her, and she disengages herself from my arms and takes my hands to lead me up the stairs to her bedroom, then locks the door after I step inside. She goes to the dresser where she opens the drawer and takes out the paper.

She comes to me, and I sit on the edge of the bed as I read the papers. Those motherfuckers are really fucking suing her. “What did your lawyer say?” I ask, and the only thing that pops in my head is that I don’t trust him. I don’t trust anyone, but the one man I know would have my back, no questions asked. She sits next to me sideways, her legs crossed and leaning on mine.

“He said it’s rare that grandparents are awarded custody if one of the parents is still alive.” She swallows and looks at me; her beautiful face in so much pain, her brown eyes filled with tears, “I can’t lose them.” She shakes her head. “I won’t.”

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My hand cups her face, my thumb catching a tear that runs down her face. “You won’t lose them.” I swallow and look down and then up again. “I need to tell you something.”

She looks at me, hanging onto my every word, trusting me so fucking completely. “My father is the best family lawyer …” She shakes her head.

Getting off the bed, she says, “I can’t do that,” as she paces in front of me. “I can’t ask him that.” I reach out my hand and stop her, bringing her to me. She stands between my open legs, her hands resting on my shoulders. “I won’t do that to him or to Hailey.”

“You need the best,” I tell her. “That’s him.”

“I don’t know, Blake,” she says softly. “It’s already weird that we are talking, and all this,” she says, looking down and then back up, our eyes meeting. “How did this happen?” she asks, and I don’t know what she’s asking.