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Broken Love Story (Love 3) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:53:59

The week drags by, and the girls participate in our FaceTime conversations in the morning and at supper. We set him up on the table, and we tell him all about our day. The only time the girls perk up is on Thursday when they know we are leaving to go to Blake’s after school since they have no school on Friday.

As soon as we get there, Blake is sitting on the steps outside waiting for us. The kids are excited, yelling his name. He opens Daisy’s door first and takes her out, hugging her in his strong arms. He puts her down to hug Lizzie next, and they both walk inside to put their bags in “their” room. He doesn’t even blink an eye before grabbing my face and kissing me. “I missed you so much,” he says.

He kisses me until I run out of breath. “I missed you too,” I say as he puts his arm around my shoulder, and we walk inside.

The weekend just cements that this is where we are meant to be, especially after dinner on Friday night when Blake sits at the table and says, “So happy my girls are finally home.”

When the kids learn that he works the next weekend, their faces drop, but he tells them they have to come anyway so he can have dinner with them. When the weekend comes to an end, we again make our way home, but this time, it’s Lizzie who starts the talk. “If we move to Blake’s house, can I bring my bed and desk?”

“Um,” I say, looking in the rearview mirror while Daisy tells us that she doesn’t want her small bed, she wants Blake’s big one. We continue the back and forth for over a month, and each time, the girls bring more and more of their stuff. I don’t bring up moving in with Blake until one night he plays hardball.

“Move in with me,” he says as he enters me in one thrust, a moan coming out of us. The kids are staying at his parents’ house, so we can make as much noise as we want. I raise my hips when he thrusts in again and again. He pushes back on his knees, putting one of my legs on his shoulder and going so deep my eyes roll in the back of my head. “Move in with me,” he says, slamming into me harder and harder.

“Please,” I beg him. I’m about to come when he pulls out of me, and I groan in frustration.

“Move in with me,” he says and bangs into me. He brings me to the edge again only to stop right before I come.

“Blake,” I say, grabbing his ass and trying to push him back inside me.

“Move in with me,” he says, entering me again. “Wake up with me.” He presses in again, lifting my hips to get him into me. “Cook with me.” His cock rubs against my G-spot. “Please.”

“Okay,” I say, looking at him, in his eyes, and he smiles and finally lets me come as he follows me right off that cliff.

The next morning when we pick up the kids, we ask them to sit down at the table. I have no idea how I’m going to start this conversation, and I don’t have to because Blake takes the lead. “Girls, how would you like to live here,” he asks them, “like all the time?”

He looks at Lizzie and then at Daisy, who claps her hands together with glee. Lizzie just smiles at him as she nods.

We ride back home this time, knowing we’ll soon be moving. I call Elliot over the next day.

“Hey,” I say when I open the door. “Come in.”

“Hey, are the girls here?” he asks, and I call them down. Daisy is excited to see him; Lizzie is standoffish and takes Daisy upstairs after a while. “They look good,” he says, sitting on the couch.

“They really are good,” I tell him as I sit down on the couch, facing him. “I called you over to let you know that we’re moving.”

“What?” he says in shock, looking at me.

“This isn’t our home anymore,” I tell him.

“Is this about Blake?” he asks.

“No”—I shake my head—“this is about us not being comfortable here. Us not being happy here.”

“Do you really love him?” He leans forward, putting his arms on his knees.

“With everything that I am.” I don’t even try to lie.

“Eric knew,” he says softly as I look at him. “He knew my father had a double life.”

“What?” I ask. “How do you know?”

“Well, after we left court, my father came clean. Lucille was his high school sweetheart. They drifted apart and bumped into each other again by chance. Ethan was just born, and well, he felt like my mother put him on the back burner, so he got his attention somewhere else.”