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His Lover's Little Secret Andrea Laurence 2022/8/3 13:54:38

“Take me to your place,” she said.

Gavin reluctantly pulled away. “I’ll have the valet bring the car.”

Within a few minutes, they were strolling into the Ritz-Carlton Tower. They took the elevator up to Gavin’s apartment. It had been a long time since she’d been here. She’d walked alone down this very hallway after she broke up with him. Pregnant and unaware of that fact. It felt strange to traverse the same carpeting after all these years.

Inside the apartment, little had changed. The same elegant, expensive and uncomfortable furniture that was better suited for a decorating magazine than to actually being used. The same stunning view of Central Park sprawled out of the arched floor-to-ceiling windows. There was a newer, larger, flatter television mounted to one wall, but that was about it.

“You’ve done a lot with the place since I saw it last,” she said drily.

“There’s new additions,” he insisted. He pointed to a corner in the dining room where there was a stack of children’s toys, new in the packages, and the car seat from the Mercedes. “I’m also doing some renovations to one of the bedrooms.”

Gavin led her down the hallway to the rooms that had once functioned as a guest room and his office. Inside the old guest room, a tarp was draped over the hardwood floors. Several cans of paint were sitting in the middle of the floor, unopened. Construction was under way for some wainscoting and a window seat that would cover and vent the radiators. Jared was too young to enjoy it now, but she could just imagine him curling up there, looking out over Central Park and reading a book.

“You said his favorite color was red, so I was going to paint the walls red.” He gestured over to the side. “I’m having them build a loft with a ladder into this niche here, so he’ll have his own tree house–like space to play when he’s older. They’re delivering a toddler bed in a few days with a Spider-Man bedding set and curtains.”

“It’s wonderful,” Sabine said. And it was. A million times better than anything she could afford to get him. “He will love it, especially when he gets a little older. What little boy wouldn’t?”

Sabine took a last look and moved back out into the hallway and past the closed door to his home office. She didn’t begrudge her son anything his father gave him, but it was hard for her to face that Gavin could provide Jared with things she couldn’t. “What’s this?” she asked, pointing toward a touch panel on the table near the phone.

Gavin caught up with her in the living room. “It’s the new Ritz-Carlton concierge system. We didn’t have dinner. Would you like me to order something?”

“Maybe later. It’s still early.” Sabine kicked off her heels and continued through the apartment to the master suite. She reached behind her and began unzipping her dress as she disappeared around the corner.

She’d barely made it three feet inside before she felt Gavin’s heat against her back. He brushed her hands away, tugging her zipper down the curve of her spine. His fingertips brushed at the soft skin there, just briefly, before he moved to her shoulders and pushed her dress off.

Sabine stepped out of her clothing, continuing across the room in nothing but the white satin bra and panties she’d worn with it. There were no lights on in that room, so she was free to walk to the window and look outside without being seen.

She heard Gavin close the door behind them, ensuring they were blanketed in darkness. The moonlight from outside was enough to illuminate the pieces of furniture she remembered from before.

She felt Gavin’s breath on her neck before he touched her. His bare chest pushed into her back, his skin hot and firm. He swept her hair over her left shoulder, leaning down to press searing kisses along the line of her neck. One bra strap was pushed aside, then the other, before he unhooked the clasp and let the satin fall to the floor.

Sabine relaxed against him, letting her head roll back to rest on his shoulder and expose her throat. She closed her eyes to block out the distraction of the view and focus on the feeling of his lips, teeth and tongue moving over her sensitive flesh. His palms covered her exposed breasts, molding them with his hands and gently pinching the tips until she whimpered aloud with pleasure.

“Sabine,” he whispered, biting at her earlobe. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to have you back in my bed.” He slid his hands down to her hips, holding her steady as he pressed his arousal into her backside with a growl.

The vibration of the sound rumbled through her whole body like a shock wave. Her nipp**les tightened and her core pulsed with need. Knowing she could turn him on like this was such a high. She never felt as sexy as she did when she was with Gavin. Somehow, knowing she could bring such a powerful man to his knees with desire and pleasure was the greatest turn-on.