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His Lover's Little Secret Andrea Laurence 2022/8/3 13:54:38

Sabine turned in his arms, looking up at the dark shadows across his face before she smiled and slipped out of his grasp. Her eyes had adjusted to the light. It made it easy for her to find her way to the massive bed in the center of his room. She crawled up onto it, throwing a glance over her shoulder to make sure he was watching the swell of her backside peeking out from the satin panties. Of course he was.

“This bed?” she asked sweetly, although she felt anything but sweet.

Gavin had his hands balled into fists at his side. “What are you trying to do to me?”

He was fighting for control, but she didn’t want him to win. She wanted him to break, to lose himself in her. It would only require her to push a little bit harder. She climbed up to her knees and hooked her thumbs beneath her panties. Looking him in the eye, she bit her lips and glided the slick fabric over her hips.

His breath was ragged in his chest, but he held his place. Gavin’s burning gaze danced between the bite of her teeth into her plump pink lips to her full, pert breasts, to the ever-lowering panties. When the cropped dark curls of her sex peeked out from the top, he swallowed hard. His hands went to his belt. His eyes never left her body as he removed the last of his clothes.

Now they were both naked with no more barriers between them. She was ready for him to unleash his passion on her.

With a wicked smile, Sabine flicked her dark hair over her shoulder and curled her finger to beckon Gavin to come to her. He didn’t hesitate, surging forward onto the bed until she fell backward onto the soft comforter.

Every inch of her was suddenly covered by the massive expanse of his body. The weight of him pressed her into the mattress, molding her against him. He entered her quickly as well, causing Sabine to cry out before she could stop herself.

“Yes,” Gavin hissed in encouragement. “Be loud. You can scream the walls down tonight.” He thrust hard into her again. “I want hotel security knocking on the door.”

Sabine laughed and drew her knees up to cradle him. When he surged forward again, he drove deeper. She groaned loud, the sound echoing off the walls of the room. He wanted her loud and she would be happy to oblige.

Sabine rang the doorbell with her elbow, fighting to keep ahold of her son. Jared squirmed furiously in her arms, and she didn’t blame him. For their trip to see Gavin’s parents she’d dressed him in his best outfit—a pair of khakis, a short-sleeved plaid shirt and a little bow tie. Adrienne had bought the outfit for him and he looked adorable in it. When he stopped squirming. His two-year-old heart much preferred hoodies and T-shirts with cartoon characters on them.

Putting him on the ground, she crouched down to his level and straightened his clothes. “Hey, buddy,” she said. “I know you don’t like this, but I need you to be a good boy today. You’re going to see Daddy and meet some nice people who are very excited to see you.”

“Don’t wanna.” He pouted, with one lip sticking out so far, she was tempted to kiss it away. “Want truck.”

“I’ve got your truck in my bag, and you can have it later. If you’re a good boy today, we’ll get ice cream on the way home, okay?”

The dark, mischievous eyes of her son looked up at her, considering the offer. Before he could answer, the door opened and Sabine looked up into the same eyes. Gavin was in the doorway.

“Hi, Jared,” Gavin said, his whole face lighting up at the sight of his son. He knelt down and put out his arms, and Jared immediately stopped pouting and ran to him. Gavin scooped him up and swung him in the air while Jared giggled hysterically.

Sabine stood and smiled, nervously readjusting her purse on her shoulder and smoothing a hand over her hair. She’d pulled the black-and-purple strands back into a bun at the nape of her neck. The violet highlights were still visible, but not so “in their face.” Adrienne had insisted she wear one of her newly designed tops today, a silky, scoop-neck red top that gathered at the waist. She’d paired it with some black pants and a patent leather belt. It looked good on her, but it was hardly the armor she’d wanted going into this.

She sucked a deep breath into her lungs, trying to even out her frantic heartbeat, but it did little good. She was about to see Gavin’s parents again, and this time, as the mother of their grandchild. They had been polite but distant the last time. Obviously, they hadn’t felt the need to get invested in Gavin’s latest dating novelty.

She didn’t anticipate this going well. They might hate her for keeping Jared a secret. They might turn their noses up at her like Viola had. Only today, she couldn’t dump a drink on the bitch and run out.